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AVA.Codes Software Development

We are - a team of experienced and inspired web-developers and designers, who provide the best web solutions for our clients, always learning and implementing new technology to our work. Our Vision We communicate with our clients on each stage of the process and inspire them to create outstanding world-class products. Our Mission We help our employees to find the best implementation of their skills to provide the most effective web solutions for our clients and make their business scalable. SERVICES: If you need a remote team of developers, an MVP launch or fixing a bug on your application - we can help you with that. We will communicate with you, learn what you need, understand the core values of your product and create the most effective web solution for your business. MVP launch If you want to decide if your product is needed on market - we can help you test it out and launch an MVP. We will communicate with you to understand your business and its core values and then launch an MVP that will represent your vision of a product. Remote Team No more need to rent an office or go through hiring process. If you look for a team of developers to launch your product - we can help and provide a team of experienced developers at any time. Just message us and we will connect you to people who are perfect for your project. Support We are open to communication 24/7. If you need to fix a bug, add new features to your product or want to share an idea or concern - we are here 24/7 to hear you out and help. THE PROCESS:
Meeting you We would to meet you or talk on Skype to find out each essential detail about your product and develop a nice connection with you. Understanding business We would love to know what drives you the most, what are your values and main business goals. Creating a solution We will provide your with the best web solution for your product. And will always keep in touch throughout the work process and afterwards if you ever need our help.
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