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Eastern Peak Software Development

Eastern Peak is an international IT company with headquarters in Israel and R&D center in Ukraine. We are more than just colleagues — we are a friendly team that is ready for any challenges. The secret of our productivity is constant open-minded communication and creative atmosphere in our green office in the city centre. Our services: Web development Our web development agency will transform your innovative ideas into a successful product that will drive your business. Our highly coordinated team of web developers, consultants and project managers is ready to deliver complex enterprise solutions as well as a brand new website for your company. At Eastern Peak web development company, we keep a wary eye on the every stage of the web development process that includes research, prototyping, development, QA testing and following support. Our custom web development solutions could be easily adapted to multiple platforms and devices. Mobile development With our experienced team of iOS & Android app developers and custom approach to every project, we are creating intuitive mobile apps that win the affection of users. The voice of the people is what matters; it fuels our creativity. Unlike other mobile app development companies, we develop not only an application, but a highly competitive product that conquers a stable business niche and earns profit. Our mobile app development experts choose the most suitable technologies according to the aim of your project, its size and budget. We can deliver fully integrated solutions including mobile apps and sites, augmented reality, mCRM and location-based services for iOS, Android and WinPhone platforms. Creative design The level of competition in the world of software sets the bar high, so your product has to be perfect. Your application or a website must be hypnotising like snake eyes to attract your end-users and never let them go. You need a kind of a visual masterpiece. We get it, and we’re prepared. With Eastern Peak’s graphic design services you will get an unlimited access to myriads of brilliant ideas. Already have a great idea? Our web designers will turn your inspiration into a beautifully designed digital product. Software testing We pawn our lives for the supreme quality of the products we deliver. Our cautious QA engineers thoroughly test whether your app or website meets our quality standards and your technical requirements. High and trouble-proof performance is a result that we can guarantee. We know the worth of a software humming along smoothly. Your product will see the world according to your schedules, just as you planned, brand new and five-star. Our testing specialists will ensure your peaceful sleep, and your reputation in the eyes of end-users. Digital marketing Appropriate online presence of your product is not less important than its quality and trouble-free running. In the hi-tech era the success of your endeavour depends largely on its web popularity and awareness of your target audience. We will optimize your online web and social activities, launch PPC campaigns and apply powerful link building strategies to attract new users. Our seo consultants and online marketing professionals will make you the king of the hill, increase your sales and leave your competitors far behind. Video production Growing popularity of the video content gives you a great opportunity to gain new customers and popularize your brand. We are here to create short video masterpieces, that will obtain the hearts of your end users and strengthen your corporate relations. Eastern Peak Software video production team equips you with everything you need to run outstanding marketing campaigns and showcase your product or service in the most catchy way.
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