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Mobindustry Corp. Software Development

Mobindustry is a dedicated team of developers passionate about business. We don’t just code — we provide businesses with mobile solutions that can add value to your current business model, attract new users and increase revenue.

Our development team uses an Agile methodology to develop great products. This allows you to influence the development process, set priorities and make changes to the project at any time. Agile methodology is perfect for mid-sized and large projects. We care about providing the best solution for a client’s business, that’s why it is extremely important to make changes according to the market’s reactions to your product.

Our Services

App development

Our team handles all steps of the mobile development process, from evaluating your idea and creating a clear specification document to implementing your idea and releasing your product to the app stores. We communicate with our clients at each step of the development process. You’ll get weekly reports on how everything’s going and what’s planned for the next week.

Managed engineering teams

If you need just part of what we offer, we’re ready to provide you with specialists who will be at your disposal. Our specialists have worked on all kinds of projects from MVPs for small startups to big enterprise applications. If you lack mobile expertise, don’t worry — our team members have it. We can help you at any point in your project, whether you require business analysis, development, or testing.

Product management

We believe that code is just a tool for business growth. Our team cares deeply about creating a truly useful product, so we want your product to be successful in the market. To make that happen, we analyze your competition to define features that will make your product unique. Mobindustry can also provide business consultations and valuable insights that will allow you to launch your mobile business successfully.

Product marketing

Billions of apps on the app stores don’t get enough users, and looking at those unsuccessful projects makes us sad. Our goal is to create apps that people actually use, and we bet that’s what you want too! That’s why we do everything we can to spread the word about your application and help as many people benefit from it as possible. Optimization for app store search engines and professional product marketing allows people to find, install, and enjoy your app.

Maintenance and support

Abandoned apps that used to have many good reviews make us even sadder. We’ll gladly take care of your app — and your users — after release. Mobindustry provides all kinds of maintenance services so that your users will never feel like you’ve abandoned them.

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