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Teamvoy Software Development

Teamvoy is a custom software development company specializing in software product and application development and IT consulting. Our dedicated team consists of 30 experts, who care about customer's business. Our leading technical professionals have over 10 years of experience working with the clients towards successful product launches. We are located in Eastern Europe with an office in the West of Ukraine, Lviv, the second largest tech community. The city has more than 30k skilled IT professionals and two top-class universities with a big number of technical graduates per year. Our services: Web development Frontend + Backend. We have high-level web developers in our team to meet all clients needs and expectations. Our services can range from developing the simplest projects to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses and social network services. Teamvoy leverages cutting edge technologies like Ruby on Rails to build products a few times faster and reduce your time to market. Many other things that we know such as Relational databases, Proxy, Web and Application servers, Javascript ecosystem, CSS and HTML5 lead our customers’ projects to reliable, predictive and successful results. Mobile apps iOS + Android.  Whether you need to mobilize an existing mobile application, create a mobile extension to an existing system or a brand new mobile solution. Teamvoy has the skills and expertise to build and execute a mobile strategy. We offer Native App Development services for our clients. There are a number of advantages to writing apps in this way: they perform faster on the device, users can easily find and download apps of their choice from app store, offline work capabilities, access to the device’s hardware, such as its GPS sensor, contact list, camera, microphone, gyroscope, and accelerometer, as well as system software such as push notifications and other built-in system services. Cloud computing Our Cloud and Development Operations services focus on optimizing costs for client’s infrastructure support and availability to quickly extend their infrastructure. Teamvoy helps our clients to build scalable and secure infrastructure with IaaS for rapidly growing SaaS business model. Teamvoy’s certified engineers can help properly implement different solutions for migration from legacy on-premise infrastructure to the modern Cloud-based software. If you experiencing Performance problems with your current platform our experts will be glad to help you with Performance gap analysis and optimization. Whether you want to deploy to Amazon AWS, Heroku, DigitalOcean or other IaaS provider we ensure that you get all benefits.
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