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Basecamp Project Management Software

Basecamp is one of the first platforms on the market for complete project management.

In each new project, you can conduct conversations, make text or any other documents, make lists of priority tasks and use the calendar. The administrator is allowed to control the degree of preparation of the project and monitor the activity of each team member. Someone even calls Basecamp a service for exchanging opinions between employees, rather than a project management structure.

Within each Basecamp project, six basic tools are available that will change the business:

  • Task list to track work.
  • Message board for posting announcements and updates.
  • Chat rooms for quick discussions with the team.
  • Schedule dates and milestones as a graph.
  • Documents and files for organizing all assets.
  • Automatic check of modules.

Basecamp is compatible with many applications, widgets and other programs. On the official website are available free and paid add-ons in the following categories:

  • Apple iPhone apps
  • mobile applications
  • reports, schedules and planning
  • accounting systems
  • software development tools
  • time accounting
  • desktop widgets
  • other additions.

Third-party developers can create add-ons to Basecamp themselves, using an API that adheres to the principles of REST.

There are 4 types of paid accounts that differ in the number of projects and users, the size of the file storage, as well as the availability of time tracking tools. The company provides a 45-day trial period for any of the paid accounts. Also available is a free plan with no time limits, with support for only one project, but without the ability to download files.

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