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The SCADAfence Platform

SCADAfence platform is the only solution purposely built to support the size and diversity in large-scale, complex industrial networks. Size Matters SCADAfence Platform was designed with the unique capability of real-time, wire-speed deep packet inspection, allowing it to analyze 100% of network traffic and provide protection in any architecture – including large-scale industrial networks. Traditional OT networks were typically characterized by small networks and deterministic communication patterns. In contrast, modern large-scale OT networks include thousands of assets with a high traffic rate, “noisy” activities, and diverse and complex communication patterns. In some cases, the same production line is used to produce several different products in a short period of time. This requires frequent changes to the production process logic and creates a dynamic OT environment. Securing Complex Large-Scale OT Networks Full Coverage and Protection Best-in-class packet processing performance, SCADAfence can support 10Ks of assets with high bandwidth communications without applying traffic filtering or sampling, and so without a negative effect on operations. Large Scale Security & Usability With algorithms that leverage advanced machine learning capabilities, SCADAfence Platform is able to learn network groups and reduce false positives, while providing a simple, friendly user interface. Cost-Effective Integration SCADAfence Platform requires fewer integration points, decreasing the number of sensors required and significantly reducing hardware requirements and maintenance costs. Benefits:
  • Visibility and Asset Management
  • Risk Profiling and Proactive Mitigations
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Detection of Malicious Threats
  • Detection of Non-Malicious Threats
  • Forensics and Response
  • Integration with Enterprise Management Systems
  • Security and Policy Enforcement
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