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Wibu-Systems CodeMeter

CodeMeter combines the following applications: Protection You want to protect the software you have developed against piracy and reverse engineering. Licensing You want to license your software as safely and easily as possible, which includes crucial aspects like the creation of flexible licensing models, the integration of their delivery, and the management of their complete lifecycle with your existing back-office systems. Security You want to safeguard your users against tampering and attacks from third parties. CodeMeter as a Process CodeMeter requires your attention only once: its integration in your software and your business workflow is necessary at one point in time only. Protection Suite is the tool that automatically encrypts your applications and libraries. In addition, CodeMeter offers an API for custom integration with your software. CodeMeter License Central can be connected to your ERP, CRM, and e-commerce systems. Once integrated, you can:
  • deliver your software as many times as you wish
  • create licenses from these systems automatically
  • transfer licenses to your customers using your backoffice systems or a separate license portal.
Essentially, each user receives the same software, but a different license that entitles him to use your protected software to the extent allowed by you. Flexible Licensing: Dongle – PC-bound – Cloud – License Server CodeMeter offers maximum flexibility. You have total freedom to define the license models and the repository where licenses are stored, and have the opportunity to mix and match the wide array of options available:
  • CmDongle: The license is stored securely in a CmDongle. The device embeds a smart card chip, which offers additional security to CodeMeter’s technology. Once saved, the secret keys never leave the unit. CmDongles are available in several form factors, such as USB, SD card, microSD card, CF card, CFast Card, and ASIC.
  • CmActLicense: The license is saved in a special file that is bound to the hardware of the target computer. You define the degree of tolerance to changes in the computer. When using virtual machines, you can specify whether the license remains valid if it is moved or copied to a virtual machine. Alternatively, you can employ unbound CmActLicenses via the CodeMeter Protection Only or the CodeMeter Trial License options.
  • CmCloudLicense: The license is located on a server in the cloud (CmWAN). This server can be either your own or Wibu-Systems‘ or a server at a trusted user.
  • License Server: The license is stored in a CmDongle or a CmActLicense on a license server in the LAN of the user. The user can also reserve licenses for network users, Active Directory groups, or specific computers and create usage reports.
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