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Monitor Gain visibility across your environment and use AI to detect issues before they impact your business.
  • Build beautiful monitoring dashboards with heatmaps, histograms, geomaps, charts and graphs.
  • Get alerted in real-time when an event occurs via email, Slack, PagerDuty and other messaging apps.
  • Uncover critical events before they impact your business with the power of AI.
Troubleshoot Leverage advanced analytics tools and actionable information to investigate incidents and fix them quickly.
  • Query, filter and analyze your data with blazing-fast and intuitive search.
  • Sift through millions of log messages with just a few clicks to filter out the noise.
  • View all your logs streaming into the system from multiple data sources, in real-time.
Secure Ensure security and compliance of your cloud native applications.
  • Detect threats more easily with the help of monitoring dashboards and threat intelligence.
  • Use correlation rules to get alerted in real-time when a security event takes place.
  • Use rich security reports to monitor your environment and meet compliance requirements.
Inside the platform built on ELK & Grafana At the heart of is ELK & Grafana, the world’s most popular open source monitoring tools AI Engine Combines machine learning and crowdsourcing to uncover critical issues together with actionable information. Analytics Engine Extends the ELK Stack with a suite of advanced tools to analyze and visualize your data. Data Management Engine Collects, processes and stores your data. Automatically scales to support data bursts and growth. Benefits:
  • Fully Managed. Enjoy the good life of a fully managed service. 24/7 (365)
  • Easy to Use. Stay with the same ELK you know and love and grow with us
  • Cloud Native. We were born in the cloud, so we’ll always be as agile as you need to be
  • Stellar Support. Our support team is made up of engineers like you. You’ll love working with us
  • Seamless Integration. We’re DevOps native, so we play nicely with everything you already love to use
  • 100% Compliant. We’re HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SOC 2 and ISO-27001 compliant
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