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Our technology and our team work hard to protect your intellectual property. We have profound knowledge of how piracy is distributed and we have developed advanced technological tools especially design for content protection.
  • DETECTION. 3Ants has advanced and innovative software and processes specifically designed to protect your property and content from piracy.
  • ANALYSIS. 3Ants' software and team of experts studies the gathered data and offers specialziaed feedback to the processes so you have more sophisticated content protection methods.
  • DELETION. The tools 3Ants uses and its team is fully capable of deleting the links and the pirate content that put your intellectual property at risk.
We protect your brand on the Internet We offer a custom-made solution and top quality content protection.
  • Brands and companies. We prevent the dishonest use of your brand by watching over your online reputation. With innovative methods, we protect your brand's image and the use of your identity to improve your consumers' opinion of you.
  • Digital contents. We offer content protection of the best quality by removing the illegal copies and unauthorized sharing. We also redirect the user to legal pages where they can purchase your product or find information on it.
  • Physical Products. We work to increase and protect your legal sales, as well as to eliminate forgeries in online sales.
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