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Filter the list of companies you contact by: Business category From dentists to e-commerce stores, find businesses in hundreds of categories. Define your target niche more granularly than with any other tool! Location Limit searches to the specific City, Region, State or Country you're interested in. Moreover, choose local businesses, or multi-location companies. Employee Job Titles Make sure you talk to the right contact person in your target market, by using the "job title" filter. As opposed to other tools, in Soleadify you can find small business owners, doctors, chefs, lawyers and basically any other profession you can think of. Technical issues Use Soleadify's audit result to look for indicators that the businesses lack expertise where you excel! For example, if you're building websites, search for businesses that don't have a mobile friendly website already. Company Size Use the "number of employees" filter to laser-target your prospecting to businesses of a specific size. Find companies that are most likely to buy your product or service. Technologies Used WordPress, Shopify, and 1000+ other technologies covered. Use the technology filter to find your competitor's clients, or to profile your prospects. ​What else is included?
  • Enrich your list of websites
  • Scan websites on demand
  • Full list of technologies used
  • Social media links
  • Live chat support
  • Exports history
  • Free re-export of updated data
  • Suggest new features
  • Unlimited subaccounts
  • Free lead magnet - website audit
  • Restrict search to local businesses
  • Website screenshots
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The ROI4CIO Product Catalog is a database of business software, hardware, and IT services. Using filters, select IT products by category, supplier or vendor, business tasks, problems, availability of ROI calculator or price calculator. Find the right business solutions by using a neural network search based on the results of deployment products in other companies.