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Cisco Systems is a global manufacturer of network equipment: routers, switches and servers, as well as software for data transmission on the Internet and corporate networks. The company was founded in 1984 in San Jose (California, USA). Today, Cisco dominates the Internet Protocol (IP) -based network equipment segment, and also manufactures cybersecurity, video conferencing systems, and other network equipment and software. In addition, Cisco offers a number of cloud services. Cisco's primary customers are large enterprises and telecommunications service providers, but the company also sells products aimed at small businesses and the public sector. Cisco offers products and services in four categories. The company's infrastructure platforms generate more than half of its revenue. This includes switching devices, routing devices, wireless communications, and data processing solutions. Applications that account for over 10% of revenue are primarily software related to networking and data processing platforms. Applications include collaboration tools (unified communications, Cisco TelePresence video conferencing) as well as AppDynamics and Internet of Things software. The cybersecurity product category generates more than 5% of the company's revenue and includes network security, email security, identity and access, advanced threat protection, and unified exposure management products. In addition, Cisco offers consulting services. Cisco's total revenue in fiscal 2020 was nearly $ 50 billion. The company is expanding its research and development (R&D) investments in areas such as the cloud platform, remote collaboration platform, analytics and telecommunications technologies.

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