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Arman is a leading Russian integrator of industrial communication, infrastructure and automation systems. In a fast-paced and ever changing environment, businesses need to have quick, reliable information from a plant communication and automation level to the corporate level at their fingertips. Arman strives to make this happen by providing the right tools for the right job with integration of industrial communication and automation solutions from the abilities and knowledge of Arman certified solution engineers to deliver a complete and optimal solution to our clients Industrial needs. Clients are provided with consultation, analysis, design, development, implementation and project management according to world industry standards. In order to deliver a world-class service we have developed strong relationships and attained top-level certification with many of leading industry suppliers. Global project management skills, first-class system integration expertise, reliable procurement and supplier management, and a service offering meeting the highest standards form the basis for lasting customer satisfaction. Arman delivers the following solutions to clients: • Industrial Communication and Safety Systems • Industrial Lighting Systems and Energy Saving Technologies • Industrial Infrastructure and Automation Systems

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