Information Technology


CROC has been working in the IT market since 1992 and today is one of top 10 IT companies and top three consulting businesses in Russia. CROC is the number one IT service provider in Russia, a leader in IT outsourcing, application management, BI and ERP solutions, e-document management systems (EDMS), telecommunications and video conferencing, and one of the largest providers of integrated data center, building and facility infrastructures. Furthermore, the company regularly ranks among the top three Russian IT service providers to the finance, government, transportation, energy, manufacturing and retail sectors. CROC designs, deploys, and upgrades enterprise information systems and situation centers; develops and implements business applications, information security systems and manufacturing automation systems; upgrades customer software infrastructure; designs and implements data centers and storage systems, telecommunications infrastructures, video conferencing systems and contact centers, and deploys automated engineering systems for buildings, as well as infrastructure and building information modeling; and also provides comprehensive support and maintenance for information, computing, telecommunications and engineering systems. In addition, CROC offers services based on its own commercial data centers and its public cloud, and also creates private and hybrid clouds based on clients’ data centers. CROC is the only Russian systems integrator with a data center to receive full Tier III certification from the Uptime Institute, which regulates international standards for fault-tolerant data center design, construction, and operation. The complete set of TIER III certificates, including Certification of Design Documents, Certification of Constructed Facility and Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability, guarantees reliable and uninterruptable operation of CROC's data center with 99.982% availability. The Gold certificate issued by the Uptime Institute is valid till 2018—a period during which this "quality symbol" will assure consistently skillful data center maintenance by CROC specialists, the quick resolution of possible problems, and proactive prevention in order to avoid crashes. CROC's expertise in this area is based on more than 20 years of experience in hardware maintenance.

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Check Point3 Star Partner
Hewlett Packard EnterprisePlatinum
Kaspersky LabPlatinum
IBMAdvanced Business Partner
ForcepointGold Reseller