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We help organizations achieve faster and more efficiently their goals, using advanced information technology, arranging their work with products and services related to the software produced by the company «1C» (www.1C.ru). We increase the efficiency, and therefore the success of your business with the help of information technology! Company «1Service» established within the group of companies "Weber Comechanics» (weber.ru) to provide services for implementation and maintenance of software produced by the company "1C". We offer favorable conditions of cooperation and provide services in the following areas: Automation of business on the basis of software products "1C": sale, installation, configuration, implementation and maintenance; Process optimization and finalization of 1C. Any 1C configuration is finalized in order to optimize and minimize the overhead of maintaining the accounting or tax accounting company; Implementation of Internet projects, design and creation of sites, domain name registration, hosting the site on the server (hosting). Advertising and technical support and promotion in search engines. Our employees - are experienced, qualified professionals, most of which are certified by the company "1C". We offer you the best conditions for cooperation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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