State Savings Bank of Ukraine

State Savings Bank of Ukraine
Finance and Audit
More than 2000 Employees


The State Savings Bank of Ukraine, or Oschadbank is a public joint-stock company based in Ukraine. It was established by Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on May 21, 1999, through the transformation of its predecessor, the State Specialized Commercial Savings Bank of Ukraine into a Joint-Stock Company. The State Savings Bank of Ukraine is one of the largest financial institutions of Ukraine and one of three systemically important banks (including Ukreximbank and PrivatBank) nominated by National Bank of Ukraine every year since 2015 when classification requirement came into force. By the end of 2016, the bank had 3,650 branches and 2,850 ATMs throughout the country which carry out various functions, such as the disbursement of pensions, social aid, processing of utility payments and other banking transactions. Together with PrivatBank, Oschadbank is one of the only two Ukrainian banks whose clients' time deposits are fully guaranteed by state law compared to total of 200,000 in other banks in case of bank liquidation. Source: