Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing
More than 2000 Employees


Ukrlandfarming was founded in 2007.
In 2011, after acquiring and combining the assets of the companies: Robusta-Agro-Invest (agricultural crops), Dakor Agro Holding (agricultural crops, sugar, livestock), Rise (agricultural crops, sugar, livestock, seeds, services on storage, distribution of agricultural machinery, fertilizers, plant protection products), Ukrmyaso (production of beef and leather products), Avangard (production of eggs and egg products), Olympus, Agro-Resource, Zorya, "Chernyshevskoe", "Macon" (increase in bank and storage facilities), Ukrlandfarming group has become the largest vertically integrated agricultural holding in Ukraine.
Ukrlandfarming is the most powerful vertically integrated agricultural holding in Ukraine, which manages the largest in the country and the eighth in the world bank of fertile black soil with a total area of ​​570 thousand hectares.
Production direction
• Crop production and seed production.
• Dairy and beef cattle breeding.
• Production of eggs and egg products.
• Sugar production.
• Meat processing.
• Storage and trade of grain and industrial crops.
• Distribution of agricultural machinery, spare parts, plant protection products, mineral and special fertilizers, seeds.
• Technical service.
The holding structure includes five seed factories, 19 poultry farms, 10 laying hen farms, three reproducers, three breeding farms, six animal feed plants, the Imperovo Foods egg product factory, three egg storage facilities, six sugar mills, 19 meat processing plants and two leather factories.