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The FORIS product line covers 80% of the names of the TAM (Telecom Application Map) application card developed by the international organization TM Forum.
  • Relationship with the customer (Customer management).
  • Product Management.
  • Management of services and their activation (Order management).
  • Management of system processes (Workflow management).
  • Billing and tariffing (Billing).
  • Work with partners (Partner management).
FORIS also includes self-service systems, data collection and preprocessing, accounting for services provided, and resource management. They can be delivered as a complete solution, or as separate functional modules for automating specific business processes and tasks. FORIS architecture is built on the basis of modern technological solutions that provide high-performance products. Benefits of FORIS:
  • Reliable modern architecture.
  • Scalable carrier-grade Tier-1 billing platform.
  • The ability to service all types of subscribers (advance, credit, corporate, individuals, etc.).
  • Billing of all types of services: voice, data, VAS.
  • Support for convergence of network technologies: fixed, mobile, broadband access, NGN, IMS.
  • Support for more than 150 millionth subscriber base.
  • Ensuring quick commissioning (in less than 100 days).
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from 2.5 and 3G networks to LTE and mobile broadband.
  • Increased availability, reduced service window (up to 99.999%).
  • High performance: up to 2000 calls per second in online mode, 2100-2200 xDR in offline mode.
  • Big Data Ready: registration of an unlimited number of records of provided services per month, own DWH, integration with leading analytical systems: SAS, SAP, etc.
  • Horizontal scaling: connecting an unlimited number of business servers (processing nodes), load balancing between processing nodes, a mechanism for “subscribing to processing”, the ability to distribute processes across several independent databases.
On the FORIS platform, 100 million subscribers are already served in different countries of the world. More than 25 telecom operators trust the FORIS solution, such as MTS (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan), Vodafone (Czech Republic), Warid Telecom (Uganda), Callax Telecom (Germany), T3 Telecom (Bosnia), Skylink (Russia), MGTS OJSC (Russia) and others in the countries of Europe, the CIS and Western Asia.
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