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Backup Administration

Backup Administration

Nowadays, information, along with human capital, is the most valuable asset of every enterprise. The backup system administration is an integral part of data and IT system security structure. It is the backup process quality and method that determine whether in the case of a system failure or data loss it will be possible to maintain functionality and continuity of the enterprise’s operations. This is why careful creation of backup copies is so important.

Creating backup copies may be burdensome and very expensive and time-consuming when you do it all by yourself. On the other hand, the automation of the process introduces a range of improvements, saves time and eliminate the risk of data loss. The copies are created automatically and are protected against interference by third parties.  The network administrator is capable of remote backup system management, validity monitoring of created copies as well as retrieving lost information.

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F.A.Q about Backup Administration

The need for backup: when will help out the backup scheme?

Data corruption

The need to create a backup is most obvious in the case when your data may undergo damage - physical destruction or theft of the carrier, virus attack, accidental and/or illegal changes, etc.

A working backup plan will allow you to return your data in the event of any failure or accident without the cost and complexity.

Copying information, creating mirrors

A less obvious option for using the backup scheme is to automatically create copies of data not for storage, but for use: cloning and mirroring databases, web sites, work projects, etc.

The backup scheme does not define what, where and why to copy - use backup as a cloning tool.

Test, training and debugging projects

A special case of data cloning is the creation of a copy of working information in order to debug, improve or study its processing system. You can create a copy of your website or database using the backup instructions to make and debug any changes.

The need for backing up training and debugging versions of information is all the more high because the changes you make often lead to data loss.