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Content Collaboration

Content Collaboration

Content collaboration software makes it easy for your users to securely create, access, share and manage business content.

From employees and decision-makers to partners, vendors, regulators and customers, your users benefit from easy, secure access to valuable business content. Rather than keeping files locked up in silos, content collaboration software enables information to flow safely and freely within your organization and across your firewall to external contacts.

Securing those documents is the challenge. Unless your content collaboration software maintains the highest standards of performance, security, auditing and reliability, cross-enterprise document sharing may lead to inadvertent data leaks or malicious security breaches.

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Zoho Corporation

Zoho Corporation

Zoho Corporation is an information technology and business management software as a service (SaaS) developer. The company was founded in 1996 by... Read more
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F.A.Q about Content Collaboration

What is a content collaboration?

Content collaboration involves multiple people contributing their expertise and knowledge toward a piece of content or a content marketing project. Collaborating on content is a creative way to jump-start your inbound marketing because it enrolls other people and doesn’t require you to do all the content creation.

There three powerful reasons why content collaboration is a super cost-saving marketing strategy:

  1. Use resources productively.  Collaborating on content is a powerful inbound marketing strategy because it fills in the strength gaps that might be stopping you from generating as much content as you want or need to attract new customers.
  2. Add more creative solutions. When you add outside expertise to your content, you’ll automatically generate more creative ideas to problems that your audience is trying to solve.  Even if these solutions seem to contradict each other, your prospects will appreciate seeing all aspects and angles on a topic.
  3. Increase your reach and brand recognition.  Including influencers from around the industry, will give you exposure to a broader audience (new prospects) as well as building your brand awareness.  In other words, it’s free advertising to a new market.

Who to Include in Your Collaborative Content?

Finding collaboration partners isn’t as overwhelming as it might seem.  Chances are that you’re within one call or email from topic experts who can really help you fill out your content calendar.