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Density Optimized Server

Density Optimized Server

The high-density server system is a modern concept of building an economical and scalable computing equipment subsystem within the data processing center (hereinafter referred to as the data center).

The high-density server system includes server equipment, modules of the organization of network interaction, technologies of resource virtualization and has constructive opportunities to install all the components of a modern data center within a single structural unit (chassis).

The virtualization tools used and the adaptive management system combines the high-density server system resources for collective use in processing various combinations of workloads.

The high-density server system in the information system infrastructure allows achieving significant cost savings by compacting components and reducing the number of cable connections, jointly managing systems, using virtualization tools, reducing power and cooling costs, simplifying deployment and the possibility of rapid interchangeability of server equipment.

The high-density server system can be used as a subsystem of corporate data centers, as well as act as a computing center for an information system of a small company, thanks to its design features and applied technologies.

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The High-Density Server System Structure

The composition of the high-density server system includes:

  • server equipment;
  • interconnect modules;
  • software (software);
  • management subsystem the high-density server system.

Constructive the high-density server system is designed to install servers of special performance, called the "blade" (from the English "blade"). At the level of the system and application software, the “blade” does not differ from a typical server installed in a standard mounting rack.

SSVP includes a universal chassis with redundant input-output systems, power, cooling and control, as well as blade servers and storage of similar performance. The use of the high-density server system means the provision of a functional management subsystem and services for installation, launch and maintenance.