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Design Animation

Design Animation

Visual marketing is firmly in the lead when it comes to promoting a business. And the most effective tool for him can surely be called an animated movie. It's no secret that the visualization of information facilitates its perception.

Animated video is one of the most original ways of presenting advertisements for your company. Animated advertising will attract the views of new customers and you will certainly want to buy products or services. Today, an animated video is a fairly well-known and sought-after form of advertising.

Animation video today is a must-have for any company that has a website. It is desirable that this video was creative, even if it tells about a large company or reveals serious questions. A distinctive feature of the drawn clips is the ability to present information from the face of any character, even the directly promoted product “animated” with the help of animation.

Before you order an animated video, it is important to decide which type of video is needed. A video can:

  • Promote the brand. Such videos reveal the main characteristics of the product and tell about its strengths. In order for such a video to be effective, it is important to get an emotional response from the audience. To do this, you need to create a thoughtful character with an obvious pattern of behavior so that the viewer associates himself with him.
  • Talk about the company. The target audience of such clips is existing and potential employees and partners. Such videos are ordered to emphasize the positive features of the company. Due to this, there is a desire to cooperate with such an organization and/or work in it.
  • Be informative. These are intelligent videos that do not contain a call to action. The task of the informational video is to increase the involvement of the target audience and increase the level of brand loyalty. It is the most capacious and easy to hear important information.

Having made the decision to order an animation video, you need to understand what tasks it should perform. It is necessary to clarify the interests and preferences of the target audience and focus on them, choose an understandable and pleasant (if appropriate, with a humorous tint) style of narration and talk about the real merits of the product or service.

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F.A.Q. about Design Animation

What is 2D animation?

2D animation - fully two-dimensional rollers. Characters, titles, buildings and any other objects in such videos are flat, as in the pictures. Today it is this kind of graphics that is most in demand. Often, these videos look simple and neat, but at the same time informative.

2D animation can be executed in a classic drawing format or created using computer graphics, for example, Shape animation.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is its main difference from 2D in that the characters and any other objects in such a video are three-dimensional. Such videos allow you to fully demonstrate to customers a product from virtually all sides before it is created. It can be video smartphones, cars, houses. In the production of 3D animation is more complicated and more expensive than 2D, but at the same time much more spectacular, it means that it is better remembered.

What is a cartoon video?

Hand-drawn video is a modern marketing tool that will be useful for any kind of business. It is easier and clearer for a client to watch a short video than to wade through the wilds of numerous pages on the site.