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IT Project Deployment Services

IT Project Deployment Services

Companies invest in projects for the implementation of IT systems that are consistent with the organization's values, with the goal of realizing a business vision, stable support for operational activities, and gaining competitive advantages. In this regard, technological projects are becoming increasingly large-scale, affecting more departments of the organization, and pose a risk to the company if the operation of information systems is disrupted.

The introduction of new IT requires the project team to carry out at least two principal stages:

  • pre-project analysis of the enterprise, when, with the help of specialists in the proposed IP and specialists of the enterprise, compliance and discrepancies between the system and its future use is revealed. As a result of the survey, ways to eliminate inconsistencies are determined based on the initial assessment of the required resources and time. The survey is conducted using questions and answers, to some extent formalized, and special software tools that allow you to describe the processes of the system and the enterprise and compare them visually. No changes take place at the enterprise unless individual employees are distracted from their direct duties, which is both a virtue and a disadvantage of this approach;
  • trial implementation carried out on the most characteristic site of work. Based on this test work, a general assessment of future implementation is determined and a fundamental decision is made on the use of IP.

There is a lot of confusion and substitution of the concept of “project team” with the idea of ​​it as a “group”, “pack”, “family”, etc. There are several understandings that there is a modern “project team/group” and “integrated project team”, however, the fundamental characteristic of the team is that it does not exist outside the project. A team with all its human strengths and weaknesses is a necessary and inseparable element of any project. It is a developing element of the technology of the project and affects the project itself.

The project itself is not “done” - it is made by people, and where people are affected by the influence of biology, instincts, gender parameters, “conscious” and “unconscious”, etc. If people are in the organizational “system” (family, flock, group, team, etc.), systemic effects arise that should be foreseen in the formation of a set of people due to the competent selection, placement and development of the team in the right direction. This is not just an ordinary organizational question, but a question of the depth of understanding of the essence of the project, its management and the skill of the leader.

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F.A.Q about IT Project Deployment Services

What is an IT project?

An IT project is a project that includes work related to information technology.

What is information technology?

Information technology is a technology aimed at the creation, development and support of information systems.

What are the main ideas underlying the project team model of an IT project?

  • interdependent and interrelated roles in a small group;
  • determination of the role, special mission and area of ​​responsibility for each member of the project team;
  • distributed project management and responsibility;
  • each is focused on the success of the project and is set to work throughout the project cycle;
  • communication between project team members is a key success factor;
  • users and training staff are included in the project team;
  • parallel engineering - parallel work of all team members on a project.