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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a subset of customer relationship management (CRM) or customer experience management (CXM) that focuses on the definition, segmentation, scheduling and tracking of marketing campaigns. The use of marketing automation makes processes that would otherwise have been performed manually much more efficient and makes new processes possible. Marketing Automation can be defined as a process where technology is used to automate several repetitive tasks that are undertaken on a regular basis in a marketing campaign. A tool that allows an individual to design, execute and automate a time-bound marketing workflow can be called a Marketing Automation platform.

Marketing Automation platforms allow marketers to automate and simplify client communication by managing complex omni-channel marketing strategies from a single tool. Marketing Automation assist greatly in areas like Lead Generation, Segmentation, Lead nurturing and lead scoring, Relationship marketing, Cross-sell and upsell, Retention, Marketing ROI measurement.

There are three categories of marketing automation software:

Marketing intelligence. Uses tracking codes in social media, email and webpages to track the behavior of anyone interested in a product or service to gain a measure of intent. It can record which social media group or thread they followed, which link was clicked on in an email or which search term was used to access a website. Multiple link analysis can then track buyer behavior - following links and multiple threads related to product A but not B will show an interest only in A. This allows more accurately targeted response and the development of a nurturing program specifically targeted towards their interest and vertical market. Due to its interactive nature this has been described as Marketing Automation 2.0.

Marketing automation. Has a focus on moving leads from the top of the marketing funnel through to becoming sales-ready leads at the bottom of the funnel. Prospects are scored, based on their activities, and receive targeted content and messaging, thus nurturing them from first interest through to sale. Commonly used in business-to-business (B2B), business-to-government (B2G), or longer sales cycle business-to-consumer (B2C) sales cycles, Marketing Automation involves multiple areas of marketing and is really the marriage of email marketing technology coupled with a structured sales process.

Advanced workflow automation. Encompasses automation of internal marketing processes. These include budgeting and planning, workflow and approvals, the marketing calendar, internal collaboration, digital asset creation and management and essentially everything that supports the operational efficiency of the internal marketing function. Typically these systems require a CRM or COM administrator to set up a complex series of rules to trigger action items for internal sales and marketing professionals to manually process (designing files, sending letters, sending email campaigns). This type of system increases marketer's ability to deliver relevant content to relevant individuals at relevant times. Limitations may apply, based on the human resource capacity of an organisation and their level of commitment to the tasks as they are assigned.

Effects of GDPR on marketing automation

As of 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect, [4] this has had a large impact on the way marketing teams and organisations can manage their consumer data. Any organisation using marketing automation tracking is required to ask consent of from the consumer as well as provide transparency on how the data will be processed.

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F.A.Q about Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a very young trend. Marketers are aware of this concept, and even fewer people can incorporate this technology into a working business. With the increasing cost of human labor, systems replace people. In the beginning it was in engineering, now on the Internet.

Automation of routine processes using special software that analyzes the actions of your customers and make personalized proposals based on the data obtained. The main idea of ​​marketing automation is to eliminate the routine work of people and replace them with robots so that people can focus on highly intellectual work.

It is important to understand that marketing automation is not only chaotic email-sending, calls, SMS or chat bots. This is an integrated approach. Most people confuse the automatic mailing of letters (welcome series) and managing deals in CRM with marketing automation.

Who needs marketing automation?

  • everyone who has customers
  • everyone who wants to automate business processes
  • everyone who is tired of paying huge salaries
  • everyone who is tired of kicking employees
  • everyone who is tired of the routine

In which niches is it possible to implement marketing automation?

The answer is very simple - in all.

No matter what you do: selling yachts or selling dog food - there are different tools for different needs. Naturally, there is a core around which all processes are built. If you are skeptical of new technologies, I urge you to open your mind and allow new information to enter. It is very important.