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Network Security Policy Management

Network Security Policy Management

Network security policy management streamlines security policy design and enforcement. It applies rules and best practices to manage firewalls and other devices more effectively, efficiently, and consistently. Administrators need network security management solutions to get a high level of visibility into network behavior, automate device configuration, enforce global policies, view firewall traffic, generate reports, and provide a single management interface for physical and virtual systems.

Security policies govern the integrity and safety of the network. They provide rules for accessing the network, connecting to the Internet, adding or modifying devices or services, and more. However, rules are only effective when they are implemented. Network security management policy helps organizations stay compliant and secure by ensuring that their policies are simplified, consistent, and enforced. It helps reduce manual tasks and human errors by simplifying administration with security policy and workflow tools through a centralized management interface.

Network security management can reduce risk across the network and protect data by leveraging the information on threats, network vulnerabilities and their criticality, evaluating potential options to block an attack, and providing intelligence for decision support. Policy administration is improved by unifying common policy tasks within a single interface, automating policy change workflow, including compliance audits and the management of multiple firewall vendors. This simplified and automated security policy management enables IT teams to save time, avoid manual errors, and reduce risk.

There are the whole network security policy management market with different tools and solutions available. Businesses use them to automate administrative tasks, which can improve accuracy and save time. The solutions can make management processes less tedious and time consuming, and can free up personnel for higher-value projects. These solutions also help IT teams avoid misconfigurations that can cause vulnerabilities in their networks. And if problems arise, network security policy management solutions can ease troubleshooting and remediation.

The most popular products in category Network Security Policy Management All category products

Tufin Orchestration Suite
Firemon Security Manager
WatchGuard Dimension
Skybox Firewall Assurance (FA)
Group-IB TDS — Threat Detection System
Change Tracker Gen7 R2
redBorder Intrusion
The Panaseer Platform
Trustwave Managed Application Control
Xabyss NetArgos
Ivanti Workspace Control
ControlScan Managed SIEM

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F.A.Q. about Network Security Policy Management

Benefits of network security policy management

Streamline security policy design and enforcement

A network security policy management solution can help organizations achieve:

  • Better security. Network security policy management streamlines security policy design and enforcement.
  • Ease of use. Network security policy management tools orchestrate policy design and implementation.
  • Consistency. Solutions provide templates, model policies, and configurations.
  • Time savings. Deployments are faster, and automation helps empower staff to focus on other business priorities.
  • Lower costs.  Cloud-based solutions scale to thousands of devices, requiring fewer resources and allowing for centralized management.

Apply best practices to meet challenges in firewall management

Over time, firewalls collect more and more configuration rules and objects. Network security policy management solutions can help combat this bloat and improve security by addressing:

  • Object auditing. Administrators need to merge and reduce duplicate objects, determine which unused objects should be deleted, and identify inconsistent objects. Network security policy management tools help them achieve a cleaner, more consistent configuration that is less of a nuisance to manage and less vulnerable to attacks.
  • Policy inconsistencies. The network security policy management tools locate unused or shadow policies and assist IT to fix possible problems.
  • Version control and upgrades. Network security policy management solutions ease these transitions with filters that simplify and automate processes and ensure high availability.