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PR & Outreach

PR & Outreach

Outreach - is building relationships with the audience outside the formal channels of communication. Contact can be both online and offline. That is, if usually, a person deals with a company at an official level - on a website, in a representative office, etc., then in outreach information is conveyed through external sources.

The main goal of the outreach project is to create valuable backlinks from sites to the client’s website. These links improve organic ranking and attract new audiences. Outreach often has secondary goals of enhancing brand awareness and building trust.

Classic PR forms an idea of ​​the object. Outreach is needed at the next stage when people have gaps in information or there are difficulties in communicating with representatives of the brand.

Outreach can be targeted at various target groups or their segments. For example, for fans of some brand, users of a particular service. In the broad sense of the word, outreach is propaganda, expanding the reach of a loyal audience. This term also means work with opinion leaders, educational and missionary activities.

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F.A.Q. about PR & Outreach

What is outreach?

Outreach is one of the directions in crowd marketing, which implies an agreement personally with the owner of the site, a blogger, in order to place banner ads on their resource, mentioning the promotion of a company or brand.

What are the main tasks of outreach?

  • Backlinks are still the strongest ranking indicator in the Google search sequence.
  • As the Google algorithm has improved its ability to detect, ignore, and punish unethical methods of link building, companies must earn links by creating and advertising high-quality content that requires complex communications and processes.
  • The specialist competently approaches the project, finds trust sites, forums, blogs for advertising, agrees with the owner of the donor site - this is the key to the quality of building the link mass.
  • The result of effective outreach work: product visibility in search engines and high site traffic.

Who needs outreach?

Outreach is a new direction in link building, but he has already managed to make himself known on the Internet. Who needs this promotion method:

  • SEO specialists;
  • Web studios;
  • PR managers;
  • Marketers;
  • Online stores;
  • Media.

What is the outreach algorithm?

Work in the framework of the direction takes place in several stages:

  1. Search for sites that are popular and relevant to your audience.
  2. Definition of opinion leaders on a selected topic.
  3. Search for contacts of resource representatives.
  4. Choosing a format: press release, interview, article, mention with a link.
  5. Preparation of a press release with details and terms of cooperation.
  6. Writing a welcome letter.
  7. Communication with representatives and negotiations.
  8. Content preparation.
  9. Publication and control.