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Find IT solutions based on business tasks to solve by using the ROI4CIO neural network algorithm

Find the right IT solution based on individual business tasks and pain points

Are you looking for the right IT solution?

ROI4CIO has developed a unique tool when searching for IT solutions that help you solve pain points based on the organizational characteristics of your company, industry and business size. ROI4CIO will help you choose the best solution, taking into account these requirements including the minimum desired ROI (Return on Investment). As a result, the selection of IT solutions will help you take business decisions that will bring benefits to the company.

The benefits of an automatic selection of IT solutions on ROI4CIO:

  • match to business tasks and pain points
  • match to organizational features of the company
  • ROI of solutions
  • examples of the deployment of IT solutions in the industry
  • use of neural network algorithm
  • time-saving & cost- effective features


1. Enter your business requirements: business tasks and pain points, industry, size of a company and organizational features.

2. Create a list of IT solutions. The list contains the names of all IT solutions and the correspondent requirements as well as the number of deployments and the theoretical ROI specified by vendors. You can then filter the list by several solutions and by the percentage of matches with your request including any other essential requirements.

3. Estimate the cost and compare IT solutions.

4. Request a commercial offer on IT solutions from suppliers. After choosing the most optimal IT solution, you can then request a commercial offer for those IT solutions. Authorized IT suppliers will receive the request and reply back with a commercial offer.

Use the selection of IT solutions on ROI4CIO: find effective IT solutions with financial benefits for your business.

Find IT-solution for your business