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Acalvio Shadowplex

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Acalvio Shadowplex

ShadowPlex is an Autonomous, Enterprise-Scale Distributed Deception Platform (DDP)

Features of product

Проблемы Problem Solving
  • Risk of attacks by hackers
  • Risk of data loss or damage
  • Risk of lost access to data and IT systems
  • Risk or Leaks of confidential information
  • Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data
Ценности Business Values
  • Ensure Security and Business Continuity
  • Reduce Costs
Матрица сравнения с конкурентами Matrix of comparison with competitors

About Product

ShadowPlex Autonomous Deception

  • Accurate Detection
  • Timely Detection
  • Cost-Effective Detection

ShadowPlex is designed for Enterprise IT, IoT and ICS environments and based on patented innovations.

Deception Farms

Deception-farms is a seminal innovation that delivers scale and adaptability. Sensors are placed in the network segments. All decoys are born and live in a centralized virtual server farm. They are projected onto the network, thus optimizing resource consumption and delivers flexibility.

Fluid Deception

Fluid Deception is a patented technology that achieves resource efficiency by just in time decoy creation, minimizing costs, maximizing effectiveness. No longer do you have to choose between emulation and full host decoys.

Security Ecosystem Integrations

ShadowPlex provides comprehensive API support allowing Deception campaigns to be orchestrated from other environments. This also facilitates integration with 3rd party security tools such as:

  • Threat Intelligence
  • IT Change Management platforms
  • SOAR (Security Orchestration and Response)
  • SIEM
  • Perimeter Defense
  • NAC (Network Access Control)
  • Vulnerability Managers
  • SSO, Identity Management, Privileged User Management Systems
  • EDR, End-point


Deception Tokens (fake OS platforms)


Web App integration N/A
C&C detection N/A
Detecting attacks in stages

Active reconnaissance;Lateral movement;Exfiltration

Detection of MITM N/A
Emulated traps
Industry-specific lures N/A
NAC integration
Full OS traps
SIEM Integration

Work flow chart