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Forcepoint URL Filtering

Forcepoint URL Filtering

The Forcepoint URL Filtering solution blocks Web threats to reduce malware infections, decrease help desk incidents and free up valuable IT resources.

Features of product

Проблемы Pain points
  • Malware infection via Internet, email, storage devices
  • Risk of data loss or damage
  • Risk or Leaks of confidential information
Ценности Business Values
  • Ensure Security and Business Continuity
  • Reduce Costs

About Product

With more than 120 security and filtering categories, hundreds of Web application and protocol controls, and 60-plus reports with customization and role-based access, Forcepoint URL Filtering is an easy to deploy and transparent filter and security solution that avoids the complexity of a proxy gateway.

Forcepoint URL Filtering’s intuitive management and reporting is accessed via the unified TRITON Architecture user interface, simplifying provisioning and enabling role-based reporting. It includes more than 60 pre-defined reports, many easily customizable reports and administrative alerts. The TRITON architecture supports expansion to Email, Data, Mobile security products and more.

Features of users

Роли заинтересованных сотрудников Stakeholders Roles
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief IT Security Officer
  • IT Security and Risk Management
Признаки применимости Company requirements
  • IT Security Department in company
  • Сonfidential data
  • Internet access is available for employees
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Personal data operation
Продающие истории Use Cases

The 2017 State of Cybersecurity

Продающия история

In the 2017 State of Cybersecurity report, thought leaders at Forcepoint assert that the security industry is in need of a paradigm shift toward examining user behavior and intent. The report introduces the Cyber Continuum of Intent, which addresses the relationship between employees and their cyber activities, lending insight to characteristics and motivations that cause a normal, productive user to become the center of a breach.