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Google Compute Engine

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Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is a service for renting computing environments in a public cloud (IaaS) on the basis of Linux OS, which provides services on the basis of fees for hourly consumption of resource

Features of product

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About Product

Main features of Google Compute Engine:

  • Computing environments. Available in a configuration of 1,2,4 or 8 cores on a Linux platform with 3.75 GB of RAM per core.
  • Repositories. You can store virtual machine data as non-persistent (Ephemeral), as well as Persistent disks on the Google side or in the Google Cloud Storage service. For permanent disks, you can snapshot for backup purposes, and also provide access to one disk from multiple VMs. All disk data is encrypted.
  • Networking. The ability to use high-performance network equipment Google Dataceters and independently configure the network screens, also use an external IP address. Plus, ready-made solutions from third-party vendors that are partners with Google.
  • Control. Virtual machines can be managed through a web console or CLI, and there is also an API that provides many opportunities for developers and third-party manufacturers.

Google Compute Engine will be integrated with partner solutions RightScale, Puppet Labs, OpsCode, Numerate, Cliqr, MapR and others.



Period of free use in months


Free hours per month


Possible number of simultaneously used instances


Management via API interfaces
Root access N/A
Operating system

Windows;Linux;CentOS;Ubuntu;CoreOS;Debian;OpenSUSE;Red Hat;SLES

Availability level (%)


Management by console
Instance types

Shared-core machine, High-memory machine, High-CPU machine, Memory-optimized machine, Custom machine

Central processor (standard)