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MobileMonkey Platform

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MobileMonkey Platform

MobileMonkey is the world’s best Facebook Messenger marketing platform. Connect with customers on the chat platform used by over 1.3 billion people around the world.

Features of product

Проблемы Problem Solving
  • Customer retention
  • Failure to attract new customers
  • High costs
  • High costs of IT personnel
  • High costs of routine operations
  • Low employee productivity
  • Low quality of customer service
  • Low quality of customer support
  • No automated business processes
  • No support for mobile and remote users
Ценности Business Values
  • Enhance Competitive Ability
  • Enhance Staff Productivity
  • Expand Sales Geography
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Customer Base
  • Reduce Costs
  • Support Customers
Матрица сравнения с конкурентами Matrix of comparison with competitors

About Product

Capture, qualify & nurture leads around the clock with an all-in-one Chatbot platform!

Website chatbots qualify leads and route visitors to the product, team or info they need. From capturing leads to providing product recommendations, bots do it in an interactive, conversational, on-site chat.

Facebook advertisers generate top-of-funnel awareness at a fraction of the CPC & CPA of traditional ads. Click-to-Messenger ads send users to an interactive bot with instant, form-free lead capture, outperforming traditional landing page ads.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are the only bots that instantly capture lead info on the first contact. Capturing name, location and the ability to send future messages happens before your bot even says “Hi” back.

Jump into the conversation at the right time with real-time lead alerts triggered by the bot. Never miss an opportunity to close a sale with a hot lead alert when a prospect is moving through the funnel.

Chatbots provide the ultimate mobile-friendly, cross-device, multi-platform experience. Messenger is always optimized for the device in use. Messaging history is maintained in one inbox. Contacts can engage from many entry points.

Bots on Facebook Messenger are uniquely empowered for continued lead nurture. Build a chatbot to send follow-up messaging that nurtures leads using segmented campaigns and scheduled sequences.




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Zapier Integration
Stripe Integration N/A
Industry Support
Web application N/A
Facebook Messenger support
Telegram Support N/A
Skype Support N/A
WhatsApp Support N/A

Features of users

Роли заинтересованных сотрудников Stakeholders Roles
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Consultant
  • Marketing Management
  • Operational Manager
  • Sales Management
Признаки применимости Company requirements
  • Internet access is available for employees
  • Mobile users
  • Social networks are used
  • Web-based customer portal