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Oracle Cloud Storage

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Oracle Cloud Storage

Oracle Cloud Storage - is a storage service from Oracle. Fast and reliable storage options for all enterprise workloads

Features of product

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About Product

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides data storage options for a wide spectrum of applications from small websites to the most demanding enterprise applications.

When the ultimate in performance is required, local NVMe SSD’s provide extreme storage performance for VM’s and bare metal compute instances. Examples include relational databases, data warehousing, big data, analytics, AI and HPC applications.
High performance, persistent storage for a wide range of application workloads. Block volumes can scale to 512 TB per compute instance. Typical workloads include NoSQL databases, Hadoop/HDFS applications, IoT and eCommerce applications.
Easy to implement file-system that can be shared across many applications from all operating systems. Start small and scale as data grows. Perfect for migration of on-premises applications, media management, content management, and web applications. 


Amount of free space (GB)


The average cost of 1 GB data storage (USD)


Cost per 1Gb of data archiving (USD)


Maximum storage size


Storage reliability (%)


Period of replica data retention after data deletion (Days)


Availability of disaster recovery
Available recovery methods

Backup and Restore

Ability to work with Lambda function N/A
Supported security standards

EU Data Protection Directive;NIST;Other