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Salesforce Platform

Streamline, automate, and mobilize any business processes anywhere across your business with the Salesforce Platform, your one-stop shop for building apps on the secure and scalable Salesforce technology platform.

Features of product

Проблемы Pain points
  • Aging IT infrastructure
  • High costs of routine operations
  • Low quality of customer service
  • Failure to attract new customers
  • Customer retention
  • Low quality of customer support
  • Separate communications channels
  • Unstructured data
Ценности Business Values
  • Ensure Security and Business Continuity
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Costs
  • Support Customers
Матрица сравнения с конкурентами Matrix of comparison with competitors

About Product

Customize and extend your CRM solution with myLightning. Make Salesforce your own with the myLightning tools that let you tailor your CRM with point-and-click ease and empower everyone-developers, admins and business users.
Engage employees with apps for everyone. Rapidly build AI-powered employee apps that automate business processes and give every employee a view of the customer. From HR to finance to IT, and more.   Build with security and trust. The world's most trusted cloud platform gives you the ability to add the layers of security and compliance controls your industry or customers demand.
Create amazing customer experiences. Engage customers with beautiful, personalized apps that connect to Salesforce. Create apps in any language your developers want with built-in AI. Even connect to IoT.
See how the Salesforce unified services deliver the power to take business even further.
Integrate and connect anything. Create a unified customer profile by integrating third-party back-end systems, IoT, and mobile data to build contextual apps.
Tailor any process across your business. Customize apps with declarative configuration tools. Meet users’ needs, from custom UI to workflow automation to AI functionality.
Get innovation delivered 3 times a year. Our upgrades deliver constantly enhanced capabilities for AI, automation, mobile, APIs, security and whatever's next.
Go faster with pre-built apps and solutions. Extend the power of sales, service, HR, IT, or any department with tested and verified AppExchange solutions.
Build with trust and security. Get advanced security capabilities at every level — infrastructure, network, and application — powered with predictive intelligence.



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