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Securonix Enterprise

Securonix Enterprise

Securonix Enterprise is a behavior-based threat prediction, detection and prevention engine that mines, enriches, analyzes, prioritizes, and transforms machine data into actionable intelligence.

Features of product

Ценности Business Values
  • Reduce Costs
  • Ensure Security and Business Continuity

About Product

 Using patent pending signature-less anomaly detection techniques that track user, account, and system behavior, Securonix Enterprise automatically and accurately detects the most advanced and sophisticated insider threats and cyber attacks.

Detect insider threats and cyber attacks that go unnoticed by signature-based technologies

Focus on protecting the data that is the most valuable to the organization

Reduce the number of alerts and incidents that warrant investigations


Entity Profiling

Securonix aggregates everything of importance to a user, account, application, device, to create a unified view for every entity. Securonix automatically learns each entity’s normal behavior patterns and track its risk posture over time.

Threat detection

Securonix uses patent pending signature-less anomaly detection algorithms paired with known threat indicators and third party intelligence to continuously monitor data to identify high risk, abnormal, and fraudulent activities from within or outside the organization.


Securonix provides everything that an investigator needs on one screen to investigate and track an incident, and take actions. Investigate any identified threat, security event, user, account, or system using a drag and drop visualization palette to explore linkages in data.


Product Highlights


High-Risk Entity Dashboard

Securonix’s High-Risk Entity Dashboard provides a unified and prioritized view of all the high-risk insider and cyber threats across all users, accounts, hosts, endpoints in the enterprise.

Multi-Entity Investigation Workbench

Securonix’s Investigation Workbench is a powerful tool for the analyst to visually investigate the most sophisticated threats and attacks using simple drag-and-drops, and identify similarities and anomalies between all entities in the organization.

Advanced Correlation of 3rd Party Intelligence

Securonix combines event analytics with over 15 3rd party intelligence providers to correlate events in the network with known bad threat actors and suspicious network events such as remote access to sensitive data from abnormal geographical locations.

Data Encryption and Masking

Securonix’s data encryption and masking capabilities provides the complete capability to secure, encrypt, and mask PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data, which is in alignment with the most stringent data security and privacy requirements in the industry.

Product Key Features

Real-Time Behavior Analytics Real-Time creation and continuous update of behavior profiles for every entity and peer group at the time of data and event ingestion.

Threat Dashboards Personalized and fully-customizable threat dashboards presenting prioritized and aggregated risk scores by organization and department.

Threat Management Threat management capability for the analysts to review, investigate and escalate incidents, including embedded incident management system with customizable workflows.

Threat Library The industry’s largest and most mature library of threat models and indicators to detect the most advanced insider and cyber attacks.

Scalability Horizontally scalable architecture able to monitor organizations with close to 1 million users and billions of transactions per day.

Third-Party Integrations Data collection and analysis from over 200 supported data sources directly, or from any major log aggregation and SIEM technologies.