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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Discover, monitor and protect your sensitive data with the industry’s leading data loss prevention solution.

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  • Ensure Security and Business Continuity
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Costs
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About Product


Extend Data Loss Prevention to the Cloud

Discover sensitive data in cloud apps with Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP), now integrated with full cloud access security broker (CASB) capabilities from Symantec CloudSOC.

Extend your DLP coverage and get direct visibility of content in over sixty cloud apps - including Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Google Apps or Salesforce

Leverage full CASB capabilities so you can continuously monitor content additions, changes, and access rights in cloud apps

Leverage existing DLP policies and workflows for cloud apps so you don’t have to rewrite your finely-tuned rule sets


Discover Where Sensitive Data Is Stored Across Your Infrastructure

Described Content Matching looks for matches on regular expressions or patterns, e.g., “block if we see a credit card pattern”

Exact Data Matching identifies sensitive data directly in your database, e.g., “block exfiltration of any customer name and their associated bank account number”

Indexed Document Matching applies a “full file fingerprint” to identify confidential information in unstructured data including Microsoft Office documents; PDF files; as well as binary files such as JPEGs, CAD designs, and multimedia files

Vector Machine Learning automatically learns and identifies the layout of sensitive document types such as financial documents, source code, etc.

File Type Detection recognizes more than 330 different file types including email, graphics and encapsulated formats, and can also recognize virtually any custom file type


Monitor and Protect Sensitive Data On Mobile Devices, On-Premise, and In the Cloud

Keep data safe on Windows and Mac endpoints by performing local scanning and real-time monitoring

Monitor confidential data that is being downloaded, copied or transmitted to or from laptops and desktops, including through email or cloud storage

Extend data loss prevention monitoring and protection to iOS and Android devices, whether corporate-owned or user-owned

Find and protect confidential unstructured data by scanning network file shares, databases, and other enterprise data repositories

Monitor and protect data in motion, including sensitive data sent via email, web and a wide range of network protocols


Define and Enforce Policies Consistently Across Your Environment

Use a single web-based console to define data loss policies, review and remediate incidents, and perform system administration across all of your endpoints, mobile devices, cloud-based services, and on-premise network and storage systems

Take advantage of more than 60 pre-built policy templates and a convenient policy builder to get your Symantec Data Loss Prevention solution up and running quickly

Use robust workflow and remediation capabilities to streamline and automate incident response processes

Apply business intelligence to your Symantec Data Loss Prevention efforts with a sophisticated analytics tool that provides advanced reporting and ad-hoc analysis capabilities




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