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TrueConf Server

TrueConf Server

TrueConf Server is a video conferencing server for group UltraHD 4K video conferences up to 250 points.

Features of product

Ценности Business Values
  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhance Staff Productivity
  • Improve Customer Service

About Product


TrueConf Server: a Cutting-edge Video Conferencing Platform

Solid platform for your communications

Lowers expenses on video conferencing infrastructure.

Client apps for any platform.

100% on-premises software solution.


UltraHD (4K): Powered by SVC technology

100% on-premises software solution

Cross-platform apps for all devices

Up to 6 users and 1 SIP/H.323 connection

TrueConf Server is used by 5000 companies around the world connecting thousands of workplaces and conference rooms. The server is specially designed to work in your corporate nertwork. Deploying TrueConf Server takes only 15 minutes!

No Limits on Features and Quality

UltraHD video conferencing. Cross-platform client applications. Convenient collaboration tools. Address Book with status and photos. Flexible administration. All of these features for free and forever.


The Best New Video Conferencing Product at ISE 2016

TrueConf has been awarded by the annual Best of ISE Award as the best new video conferencing product at the Europe’s largest exhibition – Integrated Systems Europe 2016.

Work flow chart