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Vostok Setting up 1C:Enterprise

Vostok Setting up 1C:Enterprise

"Vostok" provides additional services for setting up, programming and finalizing the 1C program in accordance with the individual tasks of an enterprise.

Features of product

Проблемы Problem Solving
  • High costs of routine operations
  • Training and evaluating of employees
  • Lengthy production timelines
  • Complex and non-transparent business processes
  • Low speed of report generation
Ценности Business Values
  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhance Staff Productivity
  • Reduce Production Timelines
  • Generate Business Reports

About Product

1C:Enterprise 8.2 Retail for Ukraine is the optimal solution for a trading network of any size. It allows you to automate trade in stores, retail outlets and retail chains. With its help, you can maintain inventory records and accounting of circulation of cash.

To unlock the full potential of the software and make the most of its capabilities, you need to correctly configure the 1C:Retail program.

Vostok specialists customize the user interface for the company's employees, fill the databases in the first place, and provide access rights. In addition, they will perform the correct connection and configuration of the trade equipment: trade scales, cash register, label printer, barcode scanner, data collection terminal.

1C Programming

We provide additional services to finalize the 1C program in accordance with the individual objectives of the enterprise. The cost and terms are specified after the statement of the problem by the customer.

Individual programming of 1C: Enterprise for the tasks of a particular enterprise. Programming is necessary if production processes or operations are beyond the scope of standard modules, and it is impossible to achieve the desired results using a simple 1C setting.

For a start, we recommend purchasing and installing only legal versions of 1C:Enterprise or 1C:Accounting. You may be required to provide copies of documents confirming the license or the right to use the program.

Setting 1C

Programming 1C, necessary for organizing the solution of various tasks, consists of the following successive stages:

  • Statement of the problem and its analysis.
  • Development of options for the possibility of solving the problem and writing a technical task.
  • Estimation of the cost of solving the problem, agreeing on the price and deadlines with the customer.
  • The development of the algorithm for solving the problem and drawing up a flowchart.
  • Writing software code.
  • Debugging and testing of the program, search and elimination of errors and inaccuracies made during the preparation of the program.
  • Customer configuration update.
  • On-site inspection and customization for specific types of equipment.

The cost of 1C programming depends on specific tasks. At considerable volumes the wholesale price works. Before starting work on programming, it is imperative to discuss and agree on the terms of reference in advance. The time required for programming is specified in the terms of reference. At occurrence of additions and changes in the technical task it is possible to change the time of work performance.

We draw your attention to the fact that all additions and changes to the technical specifications are accepted only in writing. We also know that there are a lot of companies or individuals involved in 1C programming on the market, and if written discussion and decision making is unacceptable for you, we don’t mind if you contact other companies and specialists.

Setting up the program 1C:Enterprise. As part of this service, Vostok specialists install and update all the necessary applications that will ensure the high-quality functioning of the installed software.

The 1C program settings include: setting up forms for printing, connecting and setting up various equipment (data collection terminals, barcode scanners, scales, label printers), setting up interaction with other programs.

We understand that due to various reasons, documents and licenses for the program may not be available. In this case, you must legalize the installed software or purchase the latest version.

The price of setting up the 1C program is calculated individually and depends on the complexity and volume of work.

Typical configurations of 1C:Enterprise programs have quite complete and powerful functionality. But each company is individual - it has specific business processes and requirements for their automation (for example, roll accounting). Vostok's specialists will help to tailor the 1C program to your individual needs with the help of improvements.

Refinement of the 1C program allows you to increase efficiency by changing the functionality for the individual needs of the company. In the course of modifying the system code, convenient tools for personnel work are created and the execution of operations is automated.

With the help of finalizing the 1C program, you can change the forms of service certificates, invoices, invoices and any other documents for your company's needs (create directories, documents, registers), integrate with third-party software and create analytical reports to meet customer requirements.