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Wallix Bastion Enterprise

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Wallix Bastion Enterprise

Bastion Enterprise is a seamless enterprise platform for privileged access, session, and password management.

Features of product

Проблемы Problem Solving
  • No control over data access
  • Risk of attacks by hackers
  • Risk of data loss or damage
  • Risk of lost access to data and IT systems
  • Risk or Leaks of confidential information
  • Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data
Ценности Business Values
  • Ensure Security and Business Continuity
  • Reduce Costs
Матрица сравнения с конкурентами Matrix of comparison with competitors

About Product

Bastion Enterprise combines privileged user management and monitoring with an advanced password and SSH key management. Bastion Enterprise is a scalable solution designed to fully integrate with your pre-existing technical environment. By utilizing script libraries, plugin libraries, APIs, and a network of technology partners, Bastion Enterprise is the most interoperable and effective privileged account security solution available on the privileged access management (PAM) market:

  • Manage and control privileged accounts
  • Customize system configuration according to user rights and targets
  • Maintain real-time visibility over privileged user activities
  • Record sessions for future review
  • Export session metadata to SIEM systems for advanced reporting
  • Integration API for Business Intelligence analytics
  • Store passwords in the WALLIX vault
  • Advanced password management and SSH key encryption in a certified vault
  • Open architecture that integrates with third-party vaults
  • Securise authentication between applications thanks to credentials stored in the vault: Application-to-Application Password Management
  • Manage Bastion distributed architecture using a web console


Multi-factor Authentication N/A
Password Vault
Password Management
Account Management
Sessions Recording
Detailed Access Control
User Activity Monitoring
Privilege Management N/A
Threat Analytics N/A

Features of users

Роли заинтересованных сотрудников Stakeholders Roles
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief IT Security Officer
  • IT Security and Risk Management
Признаки применимости Company requirements
  • IT Security Department in company