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Eptica is a leading European tech company specialized in intelligent platforms for digital customer experience. Eptica provides brands with conversational and collaborative solutions powered by AI. Founded 16 years ago by Olivier Njamfa, Eptica supports brands to make digital CX the key link in the value chain ensuring their customer service delivers value to consumers and across their business. Eptica has offices in Paris, London, Boston and Singapore.
To help brands become truly conversational, our innovation makes the best use of AI and cognitive technologies for CX to enable them to:
  • Understand customers
  • Serve customers across all channels
  • Share the conversations with all in the organisation, not just the contact center
  • Enrich knowledge from every interaction
  • Analyse all conversations to collect insights on the perceptions of the brand
Today, more than 450 organisations worldwide, across all industries, rely on our customer service solutions on digital channels, including self service, knowledge base, email, chat and social media.