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Falcongaze was founded in 2007 and is now a developer and supplier of high-performance data security products. The company provides compound solutions for continuous control over leaks and undesired disclosure of corporate sensitive information, tailored for monitoring employees’ network activities. The products we develop are not just regular software, but multi-component systems integrated into corporate networks. Our best practices and expertise in the sphere of information security are implemented in our products’ development. Our fundamental principles include individual approach and maximum customer's satisfaction leading to customized solutions for each client. Falcongaze software users are provided with a wide range of additional services that guarantee safe and reliable operation of our products. Our customers can be confident they are supplied with solutions that meet all modern information security requirements and ensure maximum data protection against insider threats. We value our every customer and are ready to provide solutions that satisfy individual demands both of small and mid-size businesses and large corporations. The range of our potential customers is wide – from small companies with moderate-sized networks to large enterprises with complicated network topologies. Our current business priorities include mitigation of data leak and industrial espionage threats, as well as control of proper work time use. With that, we are constantly diversifying the range of high-tech tools, we use to ensure our clients’ data security. Source: