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Omilia is an agile team with the thirst for innovation that startups dream of. Our seasoned management team has been in the Customer Care Automation business for more than 20 years, bringing a deep understanding of the market’s needs, the shortcomings of established commercial technologies, and a robust vision for where things should be going.
Couple that with our capacity for rapid commercialization of state-of-the-art technology in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding, and it is clear why today Omilia is the only company with over 20 production call center deployments of true Conversational Virtual Agents, in 11 countries world-wide, representing 10 different languages, and serving more than 1 billion customer interactions.
Founded in 2002 by Dimitris and Pelias, literally out of their garage, Omilia started as a contact center integrator, building solutions on top of 3rd party software.  We quickly gained first hand experience of the shortcomings and difficulties of delivering an unstructured Natural Language UI with the then available technologies. In an attempt to overcome 3rd party deficiencies Dimitris and team set out to create a next generation technology, an intelligent Dialog Management platform (DiaManΤ®) and an innovative Natural Language Understanding engine (deepNLU®), that would be able to bridge the gap and offer a true conversational IVR experience.