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Sukha Balka

Sukha Balka

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Mining And Quarrying

PJSC “SUKHA BALKA” is one of the leading enterprises in the industry in Ukraine, specializing in underground mining of iron ore. The Sukha Balka mine was most actively developed during the Soviet period, which was due to the industrialization of the entire region and the growing demand for metallurgy enterprises in Dnipropetrovsk region for the corresponding raw materials. Until the middle of the last century, the enterprise bore the name of I. Stalin. In 1957, the mine administration was named after the 20th Party Congress. In the post-war years, the mine was part of the Leninrud trust; in 1973, together with the Sukha Balka trust, it became part of the Krivbassrud Production Association. After Ukraine gained independence in 1991, the mine changed owners several times. In the spring of 2016, the company was acquired by the DCH group of the famous Ukrainian businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky.