AlertEnterprise Enterprise Sentry

Problems that solves

Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

High costs of IT personnel

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers


Reduce Costs

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

AlertEnterprise Enterprise Sentry

Unified Protection From Cyber-Physical Insider Threats


Enterprise Sentry delivers a unified security awareness and situational intelligence suite that provides security intelligence across the domains of cybersecurity, physical access to facilities and assets, and Operational Technology like SCADA and Industrial Control Systems. Consolidated cyber, human and asset intelligence delivers unmatched abilities to correlate threats and empowering Security Operation Center (SOC) personnel to make informed decisions and take appropriate action. Unified security intelligence
  • Centralized view of complex threats, events and incidents across cyber, physical and operational domains
  • Automated decision support – prioritizes response based on risk and criticality
  • Built-in response scripts guide responders on policy-based procedures to follow
  • Leverages existing physical security investments like access control and video surveillance
Intelligent cyber-physical solution
  • Aggregate information from vulnerability scanners, firewalls, log management and intrusion detection systems
  • Turn data into insights and action with AI-Powered Identity Intelligence, rule-based engine and powerful dashboards
  • Include non-cyber clues such as human identity, physical location, critical assets, and time of entry to eliminate false positives and validates alerts and events