With IT Market Catalog you can

find and compare IT products

Provides buyers, business rofessionals and analysts with all the information they need to select the best solution in the IT market

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Cad for Mechanical

IT Market Catalog in numbers

3192 Products

Software, hardware and IT services for corporate users

761 Deployments

Implementations of products that solved business problems

3449 Companies

Vendors, suppliers and company


Catalog contains

  • detailed characteristics,
  • implementation data,
  • product reviews and comparisons

Also service helps IT sellers find potential buyers and new partners.

Select software, hardware
and IT services by categories,
tasks or vendors

Compare products by qualitative and quantitative characteristics

Find the IT vendor or supplier
by competencies, partners
and location

Find by vendor, supplier,
problem solved, by the
presence of ROI and reference

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Allows the supplier to receive feedback on IT products, and the client – a cash reward

Pitch Avatar

Web service and mobile app that allow you to create avatars for communication at online presentations and product demo for lead generation and outreach

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