IBM FileNet P8 Platform

Problems that solves

No control over data access

No automated business processes

Low speed of report generation

No control over implementation


Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

IBM FileNet P8 Platform

IBM® FileNet® P8 Platform is a next-generation, unified enterprise foundation for the integrated IBM FileNet P8 products.


The FileNet P8 platform offers enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to handle the most demanding content challenges, the most complex business processes, and integration to all your existing systems. FileNet P8 is a reliable, scalable, and highly available enterprise platform that enables you to capture, store, manage, secure, and process information to increase operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. FileNet P8 enables you to streamline and automate business processes, access and manage all forms of content, and automate records management to help meet compliance needs.
The FileNet P8 family of products includes back-end services, development tools, and applications that address enterprise content and process management requirements. Content management
At the core of the platform are repository services for capturing, managing, and storing your business-related digital assets. Multiple repositories, called object stores, can be created and managed within a single system to serve your business requirements.
Integration with external content repositories
IBM® FileNet Content Federation Services enables you to integrate data in an external repository with FileNet P8 and access the documents as though they are stored in an object store. An external repository acts like a virtual storage area for the Content Platform Engine system.
Workflow management
FileNet P8 lets you create, modify, manage, analyze, and simulate business processes, or workflows, that are performed by applications, enterprise users, and external users such as partners and customers.
Application environment
The FileNet P8 platform includes an application environment to provide users with enterprise content management (ECM) functionality. IBM Content Navigator is a web client that provides users with a console for working with content from multiple content servers, including content that is stored on Content Platform Engine object stores.
Application integration
FileNet P8 tools help you integrate with various vendor applications.
Records management
Designed to solve today's process-oriented enterprise records management and compliance needs, IBM Enterprise Records is a records management solution that can help companies manage risk through effective, enforceable records management policy, for achievable and cost-effective compliance. IBM Enterprise Records is fully integrated with the FileNet P8 platform.
System management
FileNet P8 provides a complete set of system administration tools that allow for monitoring, validation, and configuration changes from a central location with a dispersed deployment. These tools, described in the following sections, can be used to manage the entire system.
Enterprise capabilities
FileNet P8 components provide the enterprise-level capabilities that are required for solving critical business requirements. This section enumerates these product characteristics.

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 Scheme of work

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