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No support for mobile and remote users

Low quality of customer service

Failure to attract new customers


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FlowVella is a presentation software designed for an always connected, always mobile audience.


FlowVella is a simple but interactive presentation software that also works seamlessly on mobile and with a PDF embed support. The application, designed purposively for Mac and iOS users, enables individuals and teams to work together in creating informative and visually engaging presentations.

With FlowVella, it is not just static texts and images. The application also supports videos, animated GIFs, navigation links, galleries, and PDFs. This allows presenters to make detailed presentations on any topic. Creating a flow with FlowVella is stress-free too. The software’s intuitive interface lets users add elements and arrange them through its drag-and-drop function. This allows them to produce presentations quickly, even without deep technical knowledge.
  • Robust Media Support
Videos lend a hand in making presentations more engaging. With FlowVella, users can educate, entertain, or communicate their points across using the medium. That is because the solution supports the native uploading, embedding, or streaming of videos from local drives or YouTube. Presenters can also rest assured that their videos will not fail them, even in offline mode. Plus, they can opt to make their videos play automatically and in a loop.
  • PDF Inclusions
Users that need to show detailed information regarding topics or product/service packages may want to include PDF files in their presentations. FlowVella enables its inclusion by letting users embed the document into a slide and allowing them to launch it during their presentation without having to switch applications.
  • Navigable Presentations
At times, the presenter may wish to direct their audiences to different parts of the presentation and to bring them back to the last slide. This can be an exasperating process, scrolling through slides back and forth. With FlowVella, they can avoid disruptive scrolls through slides. Instead, they can include links and other navigation tools in their presentation, so they can seamlessly jump to other slides or elements.
  • Offline Presentations
Internet connections can have their offline moments. Such an interruption can have detrimental effects on the presenter, which is why FlowVella is designed to keep presentations going despite the temporary loss of connection. This enables users, such as salespeople, to continue with their pitches to convince their prospects to onboard with them.
  • Portable Display
FlowVella is an interactive way for museums, galleries, shops, restaurants, and other to tell their guests about what they can expect from their establishments. Because the software has a native app for iOS, users can simply employ their iPad devices as a presentation tool in public places. What’s more, they can rest assured that their devices are protected. That is because the solution enables users to protect them with a PIN that disallows unauthorized users from making any modifications.
  • Secure Sharing
FlowVella works not just for individuals, but for small and large teams as well. That is why the application supports secure sharing of presentations with group members. On top of that, the presentation owner can also make their flows viewable to the public through their blogs or websites by embedding them on posts or pages.

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