Microsoft PowerPoint

Problems that solves

High costs of routine operations

Failure to attract new customers

Low speed of report generation


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Enhance Competitive Ability

Microsoft PowerPoint

Industry leading digital presentation platform with many different design themes. Typically bundled with Microsoft Office.


On-premise customizable presentation solution that helps organizations of all size create and modify presentations with templates, themes, clipart, audio & video integration, cloud-storage and more.

PowerPoint is a customizable and animated presentation software by Microsoft and is bundled together with other Office 365 applications. It can be used for personal reasons, for academic and business presentations.
PowerPoint comes with pre-made presentation templates and color schemes. They are customizable to fit a user’s preferences and together with custom themes, can support slide and object animations and sound effects, images and graphics, and built-in presentation notes. With PowerPoint , individuals have the power to make a sleek, professional presentation or a personalized, engaging presentation. These files are then automatically synced into the OneDrive cloud storage, where it can be easily accessed and shared with a user’s teammates or colleagues. On-Premise & Mobile PowerPoint is mainly used on PCs and Macs but it also has native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows phone and tablet users. This makes the software portable yet still functional and powerful and enables users to create presentations and rehearse using them before they appear in front of an audience. Customizable Slides PowerPoint comes with templates with preset color schemes. But this should not stop users from customizing them or creating their own themes. On top of that, they can make their slides more engaging to further captivate their audience by adding animations and sounds, pre-recorded narrations, and more. Emphasized Points With PowerPoint, presenters can highlight important points during their talk. They can do this via the application’s zoom feature, which lets them zoom in and zoom out on a section of the slide and makes their presentations more fun. Focused Presentation With PowerPoint, users can talk in front of an audience with confidence. The application shows the slides on the public screen while the user is able to view their notes and the upcoming slide on their own computer or device. Shared Projects PowerPoint files can be saved on a user’s OneDrive account. This makes them accessible anytime to the user and also lets them share their presentations with their colleagues through the cloud by sending them links. On top of that, this lets them work together on a presentation via PowerPoint online.

PowerPoint Features

  • Customizable Presentation Templates
  • Animations & Sounds
  • Morph
  • Zoom
  • Presentation Notes
  • Pre-Recorded Narration
  • Auto-Extend Capability
  • Office 365 Integration

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 Scheme of work