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We turn bold ideas into effective products for sales, marketing 
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Try our AI-powered solution for interactive online presentations

Our tools will help you achieve solutions for your specific needs, because they are focused on solving problems that you face

They will be useful, save you a lot of time and increase your efficiency, no matter what industry you work in

Select IT products using various filters, find out the results of implementations and find suppliers

Interactive presentations and product demo from your smartphone for sales, lead generation and outreach

The supplier solves the problem of getting a reference from the client, the client receives a bonus for the feedback

Generate text scripts, voice-overs, and  avatar-presenter that will tell the presentation instead of you

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Helps to choose the best IT solution for your company
choose the best IT solution


For you our tools for sales and automation of routine tasks for sales


For you our tool for lead generation and retaining customers tool


Simplify the onboarding process and make non-stop webinars onboarding

Anyone interested in the latest business productivity software. We constantly come up with something new and respond to the features requests of our users

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IT products and companies, implementation reviews, comparisons

Pitch Avatar

Web service and mobile app that allow you to create avatars for communication at online presentations and product demo for lead generation and outreach


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ROI4CIO is an excellent platform for effective interaction and communication between participants of the IT market

Sergey Taboranskiy
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