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“Amidst the continuously growing data flow, it is important for PwC to always keep its finger on the pulse, and process available information in a most efficient way. During an audit - every detail matters, every document, and every number therein contained. This opportunity to automate and enhance the accuracy of primary documents handling through ABBYY technologies enabled our team to complete routine tasks much easier and quicker, and, what is most important, to focus on moretop-priority and complex business processes and client communication.” — Sergey Shaleniy, PwC Regional Printing and Digitalization Service Leader How to Speed up Document Processing Auditing requires processing large troves of supporting documents and verifying that their content correctly correlates with the information in the PwC customer’s accounting system. Previously, PwC employees manually keyed in data from source financial documents into systems. This required them to analyze every document for vital information, and hand-key these data fields into the registry. To increase the processing efficiency of primary financial documents and to automatically transfer data into working documents, PwC management decided to implement ABBYY® FlexiCapture® intelligent solution for automated data capture and document processing. It enables much faster data transfer from contracts, invoices, payment orders, and other types of structured and unstructured documents, increasing the overall efficiency of document-driven business processes across an enterprise. How It Works When a PwC employee uploads batches of scanned documents to ABBYY server, ABBYY FlexiCapture automatically: 1. enhances document images and identifies document types 2. identifies which of these documents are to be processed (OCRed), and extracts only required data (according to the user-defined rules) 3. transfers the extracted information into a master spreadsheet. Thus, the employee obtains the information needed for auditing and supporting records in a quick and convenient manner. Document Processing Is Easier and Faster In one of the pilot projects at the early implementation stage with PwC, FlexiCapture extracted data from more than 1,000 primary financial documents and verified it against post-transaction data in the PwC client’s accounting system. In addition, dynamic templates for identifying and extracting data from consignment notes and payment orders were developed and tested. The processing speed varies depending on the type of document, its complexity and the quality of a scanned copy. With the ABBYY FlexiCapture solution, the PwC auditors invest their time more efficiently and perform high-priority tasks, while significantly enhancing data entry from clients’ source documents into the registry. Now the PwC specialists spend more time with their clients as they increase customer satisfaction, instead of wasting time inputting data by hand.
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Challenge • Make payment of bills more convenient and faster for business customers • Increase customer loyalty Solution ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK and ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine developer toolkits with advanced optical text recognition technologies. Results • Reduced time on payment order creation • Decreased errors during data entry Today the Bank serves more than 1 million businesses and more than 35% of them are small and medium-sized companies. The mobile application for the self-service Sberbank Business Online (SBO) web portal has about 90,000 active users. The bank’s corporate customers often receive bills in paper form. Manually transferring data from bills into the mobile app or the remote banking website is both long and labor intensive. So Sberbank decided to automate this process. “One of the important technological trends today in the financial sector is mobile banking. The main advantage of such solutions is that a client spends a minimum of time on routine tasks, which means they are satisfied working with the bank and return for new services. We will continue to develop this mobile channel of Sberbank Business Online website to ensure the maximum convenience of use, by taking into account specific needs of business owners.” - Mikhail Malakhov, Director of Remote Service ChannelsDevelopment at Sberbank Recognition in a smartphone ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK and ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine were chosen as the main tools for automating the creation of new payment orders. These developer tools enable the implementation of powerful algorithms for image processing and text recognition into mobile devices, combining high performance with low-level device resource utilization. ABBYY technologies allow the device to determine the quality of images — and can even improve it — before proceeding to recognize the text and extract the necessary data from snapshots. Making payments by photo In the mobile SBO app, a business person takes a picture of a bill, and the payment order is generated automatically. The only thing left is to verify the correctness of the data. This feature is available in the full version of the bank’s application for iPhone and Android, which helps entrepreneurs and accountants save considerable time while working with bills. The entire process takes place directly in the application, without connecting to the internet. Such an algorithm prevents overloading the server capacity of Sberbank, which is especially important for over 1 million corporate clients who process their bills monthly. Only registered users can leverage all the features of the SBO bill recognition mobile app. In demo mode, data recognition capabilities are not fully available
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Absalon International is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) based in Sweden. The company has 15 employees and provides add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that targets the needs of the life sciences, consumer goods, and professional services industries. After Absalon engaged in an early-adoption program for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft presented the company with the opportunity to be one of the first partners to offer its solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. Absalon was quick to abide and, within only six months, the company has seen the website generate 20 to 40 new leads per month, of which one or two turn into new business, accounting for 5 to 10 percent of the company's overall revenue.
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Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) on Wednesday announced an agreement with 24 Hour Fitness, one of the nation’s largest privately owned and operated fitness chains, to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Cloud across its network of more than 420 clubs nationwide. This will enable 24 Hour Fitness to dramatically enhance its ability to offer more personalized and unified digital experiences for members throughout every touch point in their fitness journey. With technology integrations across Microsoft business applications and Adobe Experience Cloud, 24 Hour Fitness is investing in a combined cloud platform to engage its members and prospects with highly personalized experiences.
“We have an opportunity to establish a new bar across the industry by delivering personalized digital interactions to our members that are available 24 hours a day, at home, on the road or in the gym,” said Frank Napolitano, president, 24 Hour Fitness. “It’s not an easy feat to achieve this with nearly 4 million members. Adobe is empowering us to create mass consumer personalization that scales, all utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. In doing so, we are better positioned to serve our members the workouts and health and fitness guidance they truly want and need.”
24 Hour Fitness is undertaking a journey to digitally transform its operations by combining functional departments to provide a single view of members and guests, messaging, and performance. Integrated cloud solutions from Adobe and Microsoft will help 24 Hour Fitness with scale, security and outreach along with AI and machine learnings to streamline its business and connect more deliberately to its members.
“Adobe and Microsoft are at the center of how we bring in relevant data, draw intelligent insights, and then how we act upon those insights across all our channels holistically,” said Tom Lapcevic, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, 24 Hour Fitness. “Our mission is to help people improve their lives every day through fitness, both inside and outside our clubs. So, whether it be email communications with a member, a mobile push notification or an SMS communication, we make sure that all our channels are in sync with what the needs of that individual are. It’s about giving every one of our members and guests a better and more personalized experience — and ultimately the results they desire.”
24 Hour Fitness already leverages Adobe Campaign for email, SMS and mobile push messaging, and Adobe Target for personalization across channels. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will enable 24 Hour Fitness to leverage sales data for member and guest insights, providing a single view of the customer that can be used to personalize experiences. For example, 24 Hour Fitness can customize offers, such as personal training recommendations based on loyalty, interests and geography. In addition, the 24 Hour Fitness 24GO custom coaching platform, powered by Adobe Experience Manager for content management and delivery, combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides custom workouts, at-home programming, progress and goal tracking, and class schedules — all within a single dashboard. As well, the monthly digital magazine 24Life offers experts to help you think, eat, move and recover better. 
“24 Hour Fitness is at the forefront of delivering exceptional personalized customer experiences across new customer acquisition all the way through delivering ongoing member services,” said Alysa Taylor, general manager, Microsoft Business Applications & Industry Group. “Together with Adobe, we’re dedicated to empowering digital transformation with 24 Hour Fitness and are proud to join them in their efforts to develop amazing experiences that can revolutionize their industry and further engage their members.”
“Delivering personalization at scale is the holy grail when it comes to how fitness companies engage with members,” said Dave Welch, vice president, Microsoft Solutions, Adobe. “24 Hour Fitness is able to achieve precisely this by harnessing the unique advantages of Adobe and Microsoft’s joint solutions. This can be a game-changer that truly transforms the member experience.”

At Adobe Summit 2018 last month, Microsoft and Adobe outlined new native technology integrations between Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Azure, Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Adobe Analytics and Microsoft Power BI. The companies together serve more than 60 global brands today, empowering enterprises to compile customer insights, creating a single view of the customer that can be used to personalize experiences across marketing touchpoints. More information on these joint solutions can be found here.

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Agiliway had to attend to a number of tasks to create a fully functional website and improve user experience with it. In particular, there was a need to enhance
  • Performance: additional technical solutions were needed to make sure the large catalogues do not slow down the website.
  • Hierarchy of products: spare parts may have the same titles, but are different for different models of vehicles; what is more, the same spare parts may have different titles depending on the region of use. It was necessary to consider all these specifics and create complex product catalogs.
  • Search: the search had to pull up the variants based on unique VIN or frame numbers, which are commonly used in the industry to distinguish between hundreds of thousands of spare parts.
  • Structure: there was a need to make changes to the structure of the shop adding additional menus and pages;
  • Administrative control: Although an e-store allowed to easily manage the information on products and organize sales, adding extra information in the form of a blog post or a notice required attracting a professional programmer.
Agiliway has managed to implement all the necessary changes allowing a giant enterprise successfully work via a popular e-commerce platform – Oxid eSales. Our engineers have carried out the following steps:
  • Resolved all performance issues increasing the speed and improving user experience with the website;
  • Built catalogues with a comprehensive hierarchy for hundreds of thousands of products;
  • Optimized the search so that products can be searched by various titles and last digits oftheir VIN codes;
  • Developed a custom page with a number of users’ wish lists. Such solution allows users to have a separate wish list for each of their cars and easily access all the items they need to buy or have bought for each of their cars;
  • Rewrote the modules of filters and menus for them to display on the pages of individual product;
  • Created custom widgets for presenting news and updates. Using the widgets, admins of the website can easily change and add new content without breaking the layout of the page
Although it has been a challenging task to make Oxid e-shop serve all the needs of the giant in the automotive industry, Agiliway has managed to implement all the changes and make the website highly performing, convenient to manage and serving all the needs of the company’s sales managers, wholesalers and retail buyers.
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The project’s goal was to enhance the GPS tracking system, which is at the core of client’s business. Having analyzed the functionality and technical characteristics of the system, ourexperts noted a number of drawbacks, which had to be addressed:
  • the used architecture was outdated
  • the system’s performance was poor
  • the system had no mobile version and, thus, could not be used from a mobile phone,which has long become a common customer demand
  • the features were limited and did not allow the company to expand the range of servicesto meet potential needs of its clients
  • customers with many cars following complex overlapping routes faced considerableperformance and visual issues
  • the user interface was far from intuitive
  • the system did not allow any access rights management
  • there were no automatic system alerts when the received data differed from the setconditions, so that management of transportation presupposed constant monitoring andknowledge of all route details
The solutions provided by Agiliway helped the company to establish on the market as a reliable partner leveraging the latest technology to provide superior service to its customers. The company grew the number of its partners and receives particularly positive feedback on the performance and functionality of the GPS tracking system. Being particularly satisfied with the provided solutions, the company has decided to work with Agiliway on further iterations of the product. In particular, it has been agreed to rewrite the system using React that will improve the performance of the GPS tracking system under the conditions of high loads of information coming from thousands of vehicles worldwide.
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Business Challenge In order to implement the idea, it was necessary to develop stable and secure web communication platform that would:
  • Provide information about dozens of thousands of IT products from vendors, on the one hand, and IT solutions from thousands suppliers, on the other hand, to the benefit of all parties;
  • Allow quick search and selection of the most appropriate IT products and solutions, as well as offer similar and complementary options;
  • Allow projecting efforts, price and ROI for competing IT solutions based on multiple parameters provided by a user;
  • Provide possibility to automatically compile presentations and proposals with selected IT solutions including solution description, price, schedule, ROI, etc. to be further presented to user’s decision makers.
The platform had to meet the following criteria:
  • Security
  • Fast data processing
  • Scalability
  • Multilanguage support
  • Customizability
  • Supportability
Solution During the project implementation, Agiliway has built a ROI4CIO platform on TYPO3 CMS with a number of custom modules that implement specific logic like ROI calculation or automatic solution search. The following tools/technologies have been applied:
  • TYPO3 CMS as a platform that determines the structure of the system
  • PHP and JavaScript for building basic functionality and complex internal architecture
  • Semantic UI for developing the UI design
  • MariaDB for quicker data processing
Value ROI4CIO platform developed by Agiliway is going to help our client
  • to become a worthy competitor to already existing distributors of IT solutions on EU and CIS markets,
  • to grow the number of partners,
  • to provide an effective and one-of a kind tool for an end user to select potential IT solutions by modeling and comparing ROI.
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Core Digital Media is a leader in online marketing and online consumer acquisition platform. The company is a top advertiser across display, search, mobile and social, and provides innovative solutions in mortgage, education, insurance and credit card through their brands, and
"At Core Digital Media, we've integrated Alexa for Business with our enterprise BI platform, MicroStrategy, for three primary reasons. First, to empower our executives and leaders with real-time business KPI updates so that they can ask Alexa anytime, anywhere. Second, to make meetings more productive by providing easy access to data-related questions that need immediate answers so teams could make smarter decisions faster as a group. Last, we strive for continuous innovation and believe voice is the future of UX. Alexa for Business is a great way to implement conversational interfaces that remove barrier between Human and Computer/Data.” -Willy Custodio, Manager of Business Intelligence, Core Digital Media
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Express Dedicated LLC specializes in expedited high value shipping services. The company provides seamless reliable shipping services with the right solutions to global and domestic clients alike through distinguishable, time-sensitive service, specialized equipment, and professionally trained, courteous staff.
"At Express Dedicated LLC, we take pride in providing the best service to our customers. Knowing the location of the trucks and ensuring their seamless operation is critical for our business. With Alexa for Business, we built a private skill integrating our management solution, so we can get the location of the trucks just by asking Alexa. We are expanding our work with Alexa for Business, and are building a complete voice enabled truck management solution so we can, using Alexa, proactively notify drivers and dispatchers if they are in violations of hours of service and take action as required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration." - Kevin Ramroop, Chief Financial Officer, Express Dedicated LLC
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