ROI4CIO is a unique cooperation platform for IT-vendors, suppliers, distributors, resellers, users. ROI4CIO generates for IT-user a list of IT-solutions individually with the help of neuro-search, automatically calculates ROI and price and request proposal or consultation on IT-solution from suppliers. IT-suppliers expand their partner channel.

Our Goal: to calculate the benefits of IT-products before an implementation and to show a feedback on the results of an implementation.


To explore benefits of IT and to bring the benefit of the entire IT market

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The main idea of ROI4CIO is to cut costs of IT-market participants for searching partners and to create all the necessary interaction tools in the sales chain.

We have implemented such functions to simplify the interactions between the user, the supplier and the IT vendor:

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  • Find the right IT solution based on individual business objectives and problems
  • Compare IT-products by qualitative and quantitative characteristics
  • Estimate a cost of IT products and solutions
  • Calculate ROI, NPV, IRR, PP
  • Request for proposal on IT solutions
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  • Create a ROI-calculator
  • Automate the calculation of specifications
  • Get leads and find customers
  • Expand your partner channel
  • Compare IT-products by characteristics

About Us

ROI4CIO has been started with the founder Paul question: "What are the benefits of IT technology? How to see the benefits of information technologies before an implementation?". Starting with the catalog of IT-products, solutions, implementations, suppliers and vendors, ROI4CIO has become a B2B IT-sales automator. ROI4CIO has automated the price and quoting calculation, requests for proposals or consultations. Later, it became possible to attach an individual price specifications to the proposal request. The ROI calculator has been improved. For the initially central function of the project - a selection of solutions - a neural network algorithm has been developed.

ROI4CIO is a unique online channel for partner sales for vendors, distributors, and suppliers. It is the only resource on the IT market that collects information about all IT market from the market experts.Technical support and consultations of the users are carried out online.

Meet Our Team

ROI4CIO team is 16 people: project managers, programmers, testers, designers, science math analyst. Experience of team members in IT projects from 5 to 25 years.

Павел Жданович фото

Paul Zhdanovych


Александр Бойко фото

Svetlana Spector

PR, Marketing & Content Chief

Виктория Слинявчук фото

Victoria Slinyavchuk

BA & QA Chief

Наталья Зорба фото

Nataliia Zorba

Content manager

Анастасия Филатова фото

Anastasia Filatova

Junior QA

Константин Галичский фото

Konstantin Galichsky

Science math analytics

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