General provisions

The present agreement consists between ROIFORCIO GmbH — the company providing access to services of a resource (hereafter referred to as — "site"), and the private person – the reader who has visited pages of a site, or the user who has taken advantage even by one services, provided within the limits of a site (hereafter referred to as — « visitors of a site »).

The present agreement adjusts the order of use of resources, services, possibilities of the site, provided ROIFORCIO GmbH platforms for dialogue, data exchange, accommodations of the information, creation of calculators of the price, creation of ROI-calculators, creations of tables of comparison, etc.


1. Visitors of a site

1.1. The visitor of a site is any person who has visited even on one page of a site.

1.2. The visitors who have seen one or several pages of a site without preliminary registration and authorization on a site, a forum, are readers of a site.

1.3. The visitors registered and авторизированные with use of unique individual data, become users of a site.

1.3.1. Users of a site can be the persons interested in purchase (hereafter referred to as – « Buyers IT ») or sale (hereafter referred to as « Sellers IT ») the products presented on a site.

1.4. Users have access to the expanded possibilities provided within the limits of a site.


2. Use of materials of a site

2.1. To use interactive resources of a site, to leave responses to materials, to publish own materials and conduct online-dialogue the incorporated visitors — users of a site can only.

2.2. Users have the right:

To leave responses about materials if it allows system of comments;

To place own within the limits of the structure (account);

To place messages at forums, to send messages to users of a site, to send inquiries about partnership, inquiries about the price offer;

To use resources of a site in another way, to not contradicting bases of its activity.

2.3. Copyrights to materials of a site, resources, services if other is not specified, belong ROIFORCIO GmbH.

2.4. Copying of materials of a site without written approval ROIFORCIO GmbH is forbidden.

2.5. Partial citing materials of a site on an irregular basis with the mandatory link on page of a site – a source of the citation (for news, short заметок — no more than 15 % from volume of a material is supposed; for reviews, testings — no more than 5 % from total amount of a material), a full name of a site and ROIFORCIO GmbH.

2.6. All names, names, trade marks, symbols and the slogans registered when due hereunder, are the property of their lawful owners. In materials of a site badges (r) and-or (tm) for their designation are not used.


3. Program Rebate 4 Reference

3.1. Sellers IT and Buyers IT can take part in program Rebate 4 Reference on a site (hereafter referred to as – "Program") which provides the publication Buyers ITотзывов about introduction of the products presented on a site in exchange for granting ПродавцамиIT of discounts for their purchase (hereafter referred to as "Discount").

3.1.1. Within the limits of the Program Sellers ІТ also can provide Discounts for the publication Buyers ІТ responses on Proof-of-Concept (POC).

3.2. The discount is provided in the form of established by the Seller ІТ on a site of percent from cost of the product got by Buyer IT which is a subject to return to it after publication on a site of a response about introduction of an appropriating product.

3.2.1. In exchange for the publication of response Proof-of-Concept (POC) the Seller ІТ provides to the Buyer ІТ 50 % from specified on a site for an appropriating product of the Discount for its following purchase.

3.3. Specifying a site the size of the Discount for purchase of this or that product, including for the publication of a response on Proof-of-Concept (POC), Seller IT assumes liability to pay to its all Buyers IT who will publish on a site responses about introduction of an appropriating product, including a response on Proof-of-Concept (POC), and has not the right to refuse it.

3.4. The response about introduction of a product is published by Buyer IT by filling the form ' To add introduction ' on a site.

3.4.1. The response on Proof-of-Concept (POC) is published by Buyer IT by filling the form « To add introduction » on a site with the indication thus of the status of introduction «POC».

3.5. The published responses and responses on Proof-of-Concept (POC) are available with introductions of products to all visitors of a site.

3.5.1. Sellers IT have the right to use responses about introductions of products on the site, in the promotional materials, etc.


4. Restrictions on accommodation of the information

4.1. At accommodation of the information on a site users should adhere to the installed restrictions.

4.2. Ignorance of restrictions on accommodation of the information and use of resources of a site, is equal as well as ignorance of these rules, does not release the visitor of a site from their performance.

4.3. On a site are forbidden:

The publication of calls to violent variation or overthrow constitutional building, to capture of the government;

The publication of calls to variation of frontier of Austria;

The publication of calls to pogroms, destruction of property, capture of buildings or constructions;

The publication of calls to aggression or to развязыванию the military conflict;

Accommodation of the materials containing offensive expressions, signs of discrimination on a national, ethnic, racial or religious accessory;

Accommodation of obscene statements, publications of pornographic, sexual character;

Offensive behaviour in relation to other visitors, administrations of a site, the publication of slanderous messages;

Publications of messages with objective провоцирования sharp reaction of other participants of a resource;

Accommodation of not authorized advertising, commercial messages;

Not authorized accommodation by the user of materials, copyrights on which belong to the third parties;

Propagation of a computer piracy in any form, the publication of links on files and-or the sites specifically breaking or assisting infringement of copyrights of the third parties (торренты, трекеры, варезы);

Other actions and the publication of any messages forbidden by the legislation of Austria.

4.4. On a site accommodation of the messages deprived of an information load and not concerning subjects of a resource is not welcomed.


5. The responsibility for accommodation of materials

5.1. Within the limits of a site the platform for dialogue (blogs, forums, system of commenting of editorial materials, etc.) is provided to users. Offer the opinion on subjects of a site any user can.

5.2. The responsibility for reliability of the information placed in popular sections of a site (pages of the user, calculators of the price and ROI, pages of products, decisions, introductions, blogs, forums, comments to editorial materials) is born extremely by its author.

5.2.1. ROIFORCIO GmbH does not bear the responsibility for the publication administration of a site of materials or information which mismatch the validity, humiliate honour and dignity or break other rights and legitimate interests physical and the legal entities if they are literal reconstruction of materials or the information, published in the open sources, including in a network the Internet, with links on them.

5.3. Popular sections of a site are exposed постмодерации – to check by a moderator (the authorized representative of Administration of a site) after accommodation of messages.

5.4. At occurrence of doubts in reliability of the placed information, suspicions on infringement of the restrictions established by this agreement, such information is maybe blocked, and the reference in the electronic form for specification of details of its publication is maybe directed to its author.

5.5. The visitor considering the information on a site those, that directly breaks someone's interests, and the user who has placed the information, can contact Administration of a site for elimination of the disagreements caused by the information placed on a site. Such visitors and users are preliminary obliged independently, by dialogue within the limits of a site to try to resolve disputable in their opinion questions, taken for this purpose reasonable measures.

5.6. The moderator, at infringement by the user of conditions of the present position, can remove the placed information, to block an account, to forbid access of the user to a site or to exclude access to a part of possibilities of a site to the IP-address.

5.7. Neatly the given reason contest of actions of moderators probably by dialogue with Administration of a site.


6. Final provisions

6.1. filling in form registration on any of sites ROIFORCIO GmbH or visiting pages of sites ROIFORCIO GmbH, the user automatically accepts conditions of the present agreement.

6.2. Activity ROIFORCIO GmbH is spent according to the legislation of Austria. Any claims, disputes, official references will be extremely considered by way of, stipulated by the legislation of Austria.

6.3. Conditions of the present Agreement can be changed ROIFORCIO GmbH unilaterally, and will come into force within seven calendar days from the moment of their publication on site ROIFORCIO GmbH.